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The husband incited his wife back and forth with outsiders to find a son but the ending was too sad

The more modern the world is, the more and more people acquire progressive ideas, irrespective of boys and girls, whoever is considered a child and the notion that a son is no longer deeply ingrained in the minds of most families family. However, somewhere, the idea of ​​having a son continues the lineage, cultivating old age, worshiping when his parents died … seems still too heavy. The incident of a couple in Yunnan province, China recently sparked the country’s social network.

Accordingly, Mr. Hanmou has been married to a woman from the same village, Ms. Xiumoi since 2002. The result of each of these predestined relationships is two daughters. Thinking that Hanmou will be satisfied with his life, he has come up with a strange plan. Because he wanted to have a son to continue the line but he was sterilized, Han decided to “trust” in a few men in the same village. He even ignored his wife’s interactions with them. Han also asserted he didn’t care about it as long as his wife gave him a son.

The husband incited his wife back and forth with outsiders to find a son but the ending was too sad | Game Online

As a result of this, Han’s wife gave birth to more … 3 daughters. Although on paper, all three children took the surname of Han, but the man himself was extremely disappointed. He refused to adopt unrelated children and this caused his wife to take them away. Recently, because of the pressing, Han’s wife decided to divorce.

The court later ruled that Xiu violated the law of marriage when having children with other people. The court approved the couple to divorce. In particular, Han will raise two daughters as common children, while Xiu will raise 3 stepchildren. Both parties will not need to support each other. The rare incident mentioned above has caused public opinion on Chinese social networks because the “contract” is too unbelievable for the couple. Many people are sarcastic because they believe that having a son at all costs cannot make their future better.


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