The ‘homemade’ pearl milk tea is going to be obsolete, the ‘robotmade’ milk tea era is coming

Bubble tea is an extremely popular drink today and what is popular has the potential to become the target of “robotization”.

The Bobacino startup has develop a fully automatic bubble tea dispenser with robotic arm, tea maker and of course pearls etc. This week, the company, led by a team of robot and food experts from Miso Robotics, SpaceX and Microsoft, among other tech giants, kicked off a campaign on its crowdfunding platform. community StartEngine.

According to Robotics and Automation News, Bobacino is aiming to raise $ 3 million. They hope to set up their milk tea stations in shopping malls, airports, shopping malls and university campuses across the US to target a market they anticipate to reach 8. , $ 4 billion by 2024 in the US alone.

This fully automated design of the milk tea shop is clearly suitable for minimizing social distance and person-to-person contact, health precautions that the catering industry have struggled to adapt in these unprecedented times. The absence of staff also offers an advantage in the absence of a devastating epidemic by significantly reducing costs.

Robot for making bubble tea

“By eliminating expensive space and labor costs, Bobacino’s compactly designed milk tea machines bring high quality, affordable bubble tea to densely populated areas.”says Bobacino investors.

According to a study by the American Tea Association, 87% of young people drink tea regularly and this system could be the next focus of attention for these important customers.

Reference: Gizmodo

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