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The hidden messages in Harry Potter that the author has never revealed to fans

Pre-suggestion about the love affair of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley

Until now, there are still many questions and expressed dissatisfaction with the love of the main character, Harry Potter. According to them, why Ginny Weasley, while Hermione, best Cho – crush during his years at Hogwarts is Harry’s more deserving of this redhead. However, J.K.Rowling also very clearly hinted at this detail in volume 5 of the series: “Harry Potter and the Phoenix.”

Ginny – who comes later but conquers Harry

Harry was banned from playing Quidditch while attacking Draco Malfoy after a match. That also meant that the Gryffindors had to find a new target. And Ginny Weasley is in charge of this role. In the match against the Ravenclaws, Ginny excelled, caught the Snitch and beat her opponent, and let’s not forget that, Ginny caught the Snitch right in front of Cho’s nose – her rival. It was also the moment when J.K.Rowling admitted that Ginny would overtake Cho and become a shadow beside Harry.

Meaning and origin of the name Remus Lupine

There are many characters in Harry Potter, whose names alone are so meaningful that we will never understand.

The hidden messages in Harry Potter that the author has never revealed to fans | Khám phá

J.K.Rowling had to learn a lot when naming this character

Remus Lupine – one of the professors who taught Anti-Darkness Art at Hogwarts was a Werewolf, and it was revealed from his name. Remus is the name of one of the two founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus. There would be nothing special if these twins were raised by a wolf, before being found and brought back to normal life by some people. As for the surname Lupine, it has a similar transliteration to Lupine – a word that is also synonymous with wolf in Latin. That is to say, just by name, J.K.Rowling had implied that Remus Lupine was a genuine werewolf.

The sorting hat could not see Harry’s personality

There is a common misconception among the majority of Harry Potter fans, that the Slytherin house is a gathering place for evil, evil people. This is partly because of the movie works, but really, Slytherin is the home of ambitious, intelligent people.

The hidden messages in Harry Potter that the author has never revealed to fans | Khám phá

The sorting hat isn’t always smart

The sorting hat tried to convince Harry that he would do well at the Slytherin house. However, Harry’s nature is neither too intelligent nor ambitious – which is visible throughout the series. Many theories say that the classified hat is difficult to read Harry’s personality because somewhere inside he still has a part of Lord Voldemort’s soul – which is only revealed at the end of the series.

Hogwarts’ four houses represent Great Britain

We seem to know very little about the founders of Hogwarts School. Few information indicates that Godric Griffyndor is from England, Rowena Ravenclaw is from Scotland, and Helga Hufflepuff is from Wales. This led to another theory that Hogwarts School was a reflection of the four countries that made up the UK.

The hidden messages in Harry Potter that the author has never revealed to fans | Khám phá

Hogwart represents a miniature kingdom

Griffyndor’s fortress features a lion, the symbol of England, and also regularly wears red. The Ravenclaws use blue and silver in the Harry Potter films, relatively similar to the Scottish flag, while the Hufflepuff family has a black and yellow flag, which bears many resemblance to the nationalist symbol of Wales.

Salazar Slytherin is different, when there is no information indicating that he is from Ireland, even though their color is also green, much like the Irish flag. At the same time, the legendary Saint Patrick claimed that he drove poisonous snakes out of Ireland – making many people think of this theory.

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