The guy who started the movement to sell kidney to buy iPhone that year was officially bedridden for life

Whoever you are, you have certainly heard the familiar saying, “Sell your kidneys to buy an Iphone”, right? Thought this was just a joke to the majority of apple fans, it turned out that it was based on a real event, the owner of that statement was also receiving mild consequences. ..

At the age of 17, because he was too passionate about having to buy an Apple product, the young man Wang Shangkun decided to contact the black market to sell organs and in exchange for about 3,200 USD (74 million VND).

Born into a family in China’s poorest province, Wang has always maintained a passion for Apple products, namely an iPad 2. One day, while surfing the web, Wang admitted. received a text from an organ harvester in an online chat room, who said Wang could make 20,000 yuan (VND 69 million) by selling organs.

Wang then underwent an illegal operation in central China’s Hunan province to remove the right kidney and hand it over to a stranger. The surgery was performed by two doctors working in local hospitals.

At the time, Wang admitted that he was quite “hot” when he came up with: “Why do I need two kidneys? One is enough”. After the sale, he used the money to buy an iPad 2 and an iPhone 4.

Immediately after bringing the device home, Wang was interrogated by his family and admitted that he had sold the kidneys to buy the device.

The guy who started the movement to sell kidney to buy iPhone that year was officially bedridden for life | Mobile

After learning about the details of this illegal deal, 9 people involved in the illegal trade were arrested, five of whom were charged with intentional injury and organ trafficking.

Wang later developed an infection in his other kidney, which is believed to be due to the unhygienic surgical site and lack of postoperative care.

Doctors diagnosed Wang with kidney failure and the condition is so serious that he is bedridden, dialysis every day to clear the blood toxins that the remaining kidney cannot handle. After the others were arrested, Wang’s family is said to have been compensated about $ 300,000.

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