The group of ‘smart devices that detect barks and chasing dogs’ win the Pioneer category at WeChoice Awards 2019

Tonight, January 12, the emotionally-acclaimed Gala WeChoice Awards 2019 was officially held at SECC Exhibition Center, Ho Chi Minh City. Gala night brings together a series of names that are of public interest and leave many emotions for the fans. Over 6 successful seasons, the categories, characters, stories of the WeChoice Awards 2019 are still directed to a common message, that is Extraordinary little thing .

This year, the prestigious award of the Pioneers category called the research teams Nguyen Tan Minh and Pham Nguyen Phu Si together to create “smart devices that detect barking and chasing dogs – D.S Dog Security”. With the meaning as well as high applicability, this invention has passed many other nominations, owning the leading votes, winning convincingly at the WeChoice Awards 2019.

The 2019 WeChoice Awards program returns with a new message hoping to honor the extraordinary presence everywhere. It is kindness, a change in every small action. These are extraordinary things created by ordinary people, the magic lit up by the hands of the simplest people. Wishing to honor the people, tell the most inspiring stories, events, products and constructions that have a positive impact on the community, the WeChoice Awards 2019 convey the message “The little extraordinary thing” . It is these miracles, these small but extraordinary things, that make us more confident in the beauty of life, of kindness, and of man himself.

More specifically, this year, Nguyen Tan Minh and Pham Nguyen Phu Si have made many people admired because they are the excellent team winning the Pioneer Award of the WeChoice Awards 2019. These two male students had invention and invention. mutually useful, contributing to changing lives. Specifically dog ​​chasing device of Nguyen Tan Minh and Pham Nguyen Phu Si is an extremely unique product, leaving a highlight in the special community with research enthusiasts because of the idea of ​​application as well as ideas. High practical meaning.

Starting from an obsessive childhood because he was chased and bitten by a dog, Nguyen Tan Minh was very worried and scared whenever he approached the dog. That’s why his friend invented a dog chasing device named D.S Dog Security that works on the mechanism of collecting sounds of dogs barking, then recognizing and analyzing. When the sound threshold exceeds the allowed level, the product will emit ultrasonic waves that make the dog inhibited, uncomfortable and discarded. The dog chasing device, D.S Dog Security, works on collecting sounds of dogs barking, then identifying and analyzing.

The main purpose of the product above is to be able to protect the little ones from the fierce dogs. This device has two manual mechanisms, manual mechanism and automatic mechanism. Manual mechanism is when the button is pressed, the device will emit ultrasonic waves that repel dogs. And the automatic mechanism has an additional microphone to pick up the dog’s sound. If beyond the threshold will emit strong ultrasonic waves to protect users, ultrasonic waves will not cause noise and affect the user. The product was tested by Nguyen Tan Minh on a group of 11 dogs (including domestic dogs and foreign dogs) in a family in Bac Ninh. The results showed that, when emitting ultrasonic waves, 9 children left, the two largest ones stopped and did not dare to bark or attack strangers.

The group of smart devices that detect barks and chasing dogs win the Pioneer category at WeChoice Awards 2019 | Live

The group of smart devices that detect barks and chasing dogs win the Pioneer category at WeChoice Awards 2019 | Live

In 10th grade, Minh’s best friend Pham Nguyen Phu Si often complained about his big dog at home barking and attacking strangers with no way to “punish”. Hearing Si expressed his desire to have a fierce dog chasing machine, Minh excitedly invited you to start researching. When searching information on the market, 2 you discovered that there was a type of ultrasonic dog chasing machine imported from abroad, but the price was high, more than 2 million VND, only suitable for families with conditions.

After referring to online materials that have many ways to chase dogs with light, chemicals and sound, Minh and Si decided to make dog chasing machines “made in Vietnam” with ultrasonic waves, because this method is safe, No harm to users, especially small children, the price is cheap with the name DS Dog Security, the price of the product is only 1/10 of the import price.

The group of smart devices that detect barks and chasing dogs win the Pioneer category at WeChoice Awards 2019 | Live

Smart device that can detect barking and chasing dogs – D.S Dog Security

But when embarking on product research, Si went to study abroad in the United States, so he finished the product and handed it to Minh. The most difficult part that he encountered was programming, creating intelligent mechanisms for the device. Minh said the goal will focus on studying, passing the entrance exam to Hanoi Medical University. After that, he will return to research and improve the small dog eye chasing device that can recognize many different barking dogs.

In addition, the device will have additional GPS navigation features to help users when in danger, add flashlights when going dark and add SOS emergency call technology. Under normal circumstances, it can be used as a flashlight, navigation device for field trips, travel …

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