The ‘grim fate’ of the two top players in the LCK: From school time, Deft kept seeing Faker … turning off the power

Perhaps a rare moment Deft can be considered to be surpassing Faker In the domestic arena, it was the 2014 LCK Spring Split in Samsung Blue, and the 2018 LCK Summer Split in KT Rolster.

However, in both finals, Deft’s team did not face SKT, and it was also two periods where Faker and his teammates were seriously in decline.

Faker and Deft are a predestined couple in League of Legends

The most memorable title that Deft won after defeating SKT, was at the 2015 MSI Finals, when he was in EDward Gaming. It was also the only time, Deft won Faker in a top-notch confrontation between these two players.

Talk about Deft and Faker again, their predestined relationship in high school may still last forever, especially when both of the young prodigies have now become banyan trees, and the captain of the two most powerful teams in the LCK. Relationship “grim” that place like? Let’s find out.

Deft – Top Challenger from high school but no one noticed, because “The class has the top 1 always”

Deft was the idol of every male student in the class during high school, and he was also the only name in the class to reach the top 100 League of Legends Challenge. But that achievement was not of interest to other students, because a guy with the nick-name Gojeonpa, who also took the same course with Deft, was even the owner of 2 accounts … top 1 and top 2 Korean Challenges.

The grim fate of the two top players in the LCK From school time Deft kept seeing Faker turning off the power | Esports

And yes, that Gojeonpa name is none other than Faker. It is interesting that both Deft and Faker – Two players who can be considered the greatest of Korean League of Legends, once attended the same high school – Mapo High School.

This may seem like excitement to both fans, but for Deft, it seems that this is a sign that he will be repeatedly overshadowed by his classmate. mine.

Super Team’s dream shattered because of SKT

Deft returned to Korea to play KT Rolster in 2017, after two years of fighting in the LPL, in an attempt to create a Super Team to counter SKT T1 – At that time, it was an unstoppable force after 2 consecutive world championships.

A squad consisting of Smeb, Score, Pawn, Deft and Mata, is expected to overthrow the dominance of Faker and his teammates.

The grim fate of the two top players in the LCK From school time Deft kept seeing Faker turning off the power | Esports

But that expectation was quickly suppressed, and KT Rolster lost the whole match against SKT, losing in all the confrontations between the two teams in 2017, including 4 group matches, the final. LCK Spring and Round 3 Playoffs LCK Summer, received 14 losing games and only won 2 games.

In the confrontations with SKT that year, Deft was always the name that was most cared for by … Faker, and the Gunner in the top 5 of the world is often overshadowed by the shine of his classmate. on the other side of the front line.

The grim fate of the two top players in the LCK From school time Deft kept seeing Faker turning off the power | Esports

KT’s Super Team roster for 2017 didn’t even win tickets to Worlds

Entering 2018, as mentioned above, was the time when SKT fell, and KT therefore finally had the opportunity to rise to an LCK championship, but then Deft’s dream of Worlds was broken again. Instant defeat to Invictus Gaming.

Destroyed on the 7th anniversary of the debut before T1 and Faker himself

The match between DragonX and T1 yesterday was also the match to celebrate the 7th anniversary of Deft’s professional League of Legends arena, currently the captain of DragonX. Confronting T1, DRX with stars like Deft, Chovy absolutely no inferior to the opponent.

DRX vs T1 ALL GAMES Highlights LCK Spring 2020 DragonX vs T1 LCK Highlights 2020 by Onivia

They even seemed to be very close to winning, when they held great advantages in the third game. But Deft himself threw it all out himself, when he had a Speed ​​Attack to Baron Cave. without any pursuit from T1, paving the way for an unfavorable teamfight and completely losing the match.

The grim fate of the two top players in the LCK From school time Deft kept seeing Faker turning off the power | Esports

Faker, as usual, in a day when Deft suddenly plays badly, he is one of the brightest names. The first time using Ornn in the professional arena, the Demon King immediately won an MVP title in the first game, and thanks to this victory, T1 became the name to end the unbeaten match of DragonX. .

Besides being ungainly with a World Championship title, it seems that Deft is very “cavalier” Faker. Of course these are just a few funny stories about the career of these two players, and the fact that Faker and Deft are still close colleagues in real life. But indeed, if Deft wants to dream of a big title, his psychological issues as well as the restriction of his difficult handling phase should be solved immediately.

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