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The golden time for Samsung TVs: Great deals for the Euro 2021 season

Along with the exciting and exciting football atmosphere on the occasion of the Euro 2021 season, Samsung Vina Electronics Company implements a large-scale incentive program, helping users easily upgrade their TVs and enjoy a full sports party. whole at home. In the context of global price fluctuations, Samsung remains focused on enhancing the customer experience and consumer interests with leading technology, combined with many attractive incentives and gifts.

Experience Unlimited Privileges

Wishing to meet the needs of customers in general and sports fans in particular with large-sized TVs with vivid audiovisual experiences, Samsung introduces promotional packages applicable to the following product lines: TVs Neo QLED 8K, QLED 4K, UHD, The Frame, The Premiere and sound bar until July 31, 2021. Specifically:

• Enjoy explosive sound quality with the HW-Q950A Soundbar valued at VND 33,990,000 and the MX-T40 Tower Speaker worth VND 3,990,000 in limited quantities;

• 0% Installment: Enjoy the big screen experience with nationwide installment plans;

• Warranty extended to three years;

• Purchased with The Frame 50″ TV at a discounted price.

Samsung TV users can also enjoy unlimited entertainment privileges with the first 8K standard content library in Vietnam in 12 months on VieON app, worth up to VND 8 million, including: K+ channel beam , more than 100,000 hours of Hollywood movies, the best TV Shows, more than 150 domestic and foreign TV channels, and exclusive preview library of 8K entertainment content. In addition to VieOn, users will also have 12 months of unlimited movie viewing on Galaxy Play, FPT Play and privileges of previewing Doraemon cartoons and STEM education curriculum on Pops Kids.

In recent years, as we spend more time working and playing at home, the TV becomes the window that helps us reach out to the wide world outside. As a result, more and more people are investing in larger screens and high-end TVs. Last year, experts forecast that sales of large screen TVs over 75 inches and TVs with 8K resolution will increase by 22% and 118% respectively in 2021. Samsung has also taken this trend into account, through through the diversification of large-screen TV product lines.

Neo QLED and The Premiere – The ultimate display for the ultimate football experience

The golden time for Samsung TVs Great deals for the Euro 2021 season | Number toys

As the latest generation of QLED display technology from Samsung, the Neo QLED 2021 TV series with a large screen size of up to 85 inches gives a true feeling when watching the top football matches. The new Quantum Matrix display technology helps to reproduce the smallest details in detail and smooth, bringing excitement to the viewer.

The golden time for Samsung TVs Great deals for the Euro 2021 season | Number toys

For users who want a large display experience like a giant stadium right in their home, then The Premiere will be the first choice. The Premiere allows displays up to 130″ in size and supports 4K resolutions, delivering outstanding detail, and delivering a more convenient and intelligent Smart TV experience than conventional projectors. In terms of visibility, The Premiere is HDR10+ certified with triple laser technology to deliver colors that are more vivid and sharp than ever.

Multi-View feature – One screen, multiple experiences

The Multi-View feature on Neo QLED TVs allows up to 4 screens to be displayed at the same time, helping users enjoy many matches at the same time. Users can also easily watch the match while connecting with friends and relatives via video call on the screen via smartphone or webcam. This is also a feature present on Samsung’s 2021 UHD TV series.

Celebrate the full goal with explosive sound

The Neo QLED TV series integrates Object Tracking Sound (OTS+) technology, a dynamic sound feature that corresponds to the movement of objects on the screen, allowing users to experience more realistic sound when in tune with their joys. Football enthusiasts.

Paired perfectly with the Neo QLED TV series, Samsung’s speaker lineup will deliver an immersive and intense listening experience during football hours. Breakthrough Q-Symphony technology syncs and leverages sound from both speakers and TVs, and Dolby Atmos and DTS/X Surround Sound Technology helps to simulate the most realistic 3D sound for systems. no ceiling speakers. Spacefit Sound’s spatially compatible sound correction technology helps listeners feel the same sound quality regardless of the room space, helping to increase the experience and keep the emotional circuit for listeners throughout every match. This is Samsung’s effort in providing realistic audio solutions and setting up living space for modern users.

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