The glitches make players ‘soulful’ in non-horror titles

1. Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is an old cowboy style game where you can become real cowboys by riding horse, robbing a train, wearing Western costumes.

However, there are some strange characters you will come across in the game. Called “manimals” by the international fan community, these “creatures” are NPCs that have human shapes but act like animals, or animals with human-like parts. This glitch bug is so common that some characters even have names, like Cougar Man, or Gunslinger Dog – a dog with a rifle part and a Mexican accent.

There are even random NPCs flying in the air and flapping like birds. All of them have very quirky looks and startle players.

The glitches make players soulful in non horror titles | GameK

2. Rocky

Rocky is a boxing game released on PS2 that allows players to battle many different opponents. However, during the game, this game has many times caused people a heart attack because of bugs and glitch in the game.

The glitches make players soulful in non horror titles | GameK

Errors happen quite randomly, sometimes a fighter will fall off the map and sink to the floor, or parts of his body are replaced. Not to mention, some of the characters look like a pile of randomly tied parts. Not to mention the “horrified” glitch with our boxer Rocky, causing his face to deform. This game had so many odd bugs that it became a hot topic on the internet.

3. Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a popular franchise, but that doesn’t mean it’s immune to glitch in the game. However, the glitch in Call of Duty is to bring the dead back to life. Sometimes during the game, you may encounter corpses that are still with their arms open or moving as if they were alive. Some players even find “flying corpses” in Call of Duty, or finish killing someone, but they still move their lips and say like nothing happened.

The glitches make players soulful in non horror titles | GameK

These errors can be caused by a problem with the game code, causing the computer to not know whether this NPC is dead or not. However, thanks to these glitches, Call of Duty players can confront the more dramatic “zombies”.

4. Fallout: New Vegas

Another crash in Fallout that has caused player nightmares. In Fallout: New Vegas, Doc Mitchell, a character you meet at the beginning of the game, will make you “faint” with his 180 degree rotating head.

This error only occurs during the early game launch. The player may meet a Doc Michell like a step out of the movie “The Devil”, watching you with his head turned upside down. What’s worse is that this bug can spread and cause NPCs to “break their neck” as well.

The glitches make players soulful in non horror titles | GameK

Luckily, there has been an updated fix. The current version of Fallout: New Vegas will not scare players into thinking that their computer has been haunted.

Another bug in Fallout is the bodies floating in the air. Body parts, or even heads that are no longer intact, these glitch bugs can leave players haunting all day long.

The glitches make players soulful in non horror titles | GameK

5. Skyrim

The Elder Scroll: Skyrim is one of the best open world games out there. Continuing the trend of the open world game series, Skyrim helps players incarnate and “live virtual” in a truly medieval world.

The glitches make players soulful in non horror titles | GameK

One of the characteristics of this life is owning a house, clothes, even a wife. The strange thing in the house is the mannequins that the player receives to hang undressed clothes. The mannequins in this game are designed with a rather creepy appearance. Not only that, sometimes when you are at home, they will mysteriously appear behind you.

6. Sims

Sims series has been famous since 2000, in the simulation game genre. Sims has sold over 175 million copies and has dominated the sales for many years, but with an old game, it has a lot of bugs. A distorted horse head and an elongated dog neck are just one of them.

The scariest thing is in Sims 3 with the appearance of babies. There is no such thing as a fault, but usually these children’s models are faulty with deformation, loss of eyes, distorted faces, and elongated parts.

The glitches make players soulful in non horror titles | GameK

This error can appear at any time. Minutes ago, you were holding your “virtual” baby, turning around and it turned into something unimaginable.

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