The gameshow series made the audience ‘blush’ by sensitive moments in 2019

In the present 4.0 era, many gameshow good TV show actually sprouting like mushrooms. Therefore, finding yourself a firm foothold in the audience is a difficult problem that manufacturers have a headache to find a solution. Do not know accidentally or intentionally that some programs have installed many sensitive moments, not suitable for broadcast on television, but many young people are still not old enough to watch.

“Glamor Queen” was created to search for faces representing the beauty of the new generation of women: feminine – intelligent – confident – dynamic to participate in art activities at Vietnam and Japan.

Probably because the title has the word “seductive”, the program decided to fully exploit the sexy of the contestants by … wearing bikini and bikini imprisonment in many episodes. From casting rounds to the challenges of posing at swimming pools, catwalks at sea, the girls are all showing off their physical advantages. Some costumes are evaluated quite openly, not suitable for many objects monitored via small screens, especially children.

The most controversial is in Episode 14, the top 5 was brought to Japan and had a challenge to pose with a bikini. Many people think that leaving contestants to wear openly, creating too sexy designs is not suitable for putting on television.

Selection of the heart

Once controversial with the format of turning players into a powerful king as if they were choosing feudal women in the final decision, the “Heart’s Choice” became even more stunning when invited to hot girl with huge breasts Mon 2k joined.

In episode 23, Mon 2K wore a Nang Cam mask and the same name Ly Ly chose to pair up with the magician Tran Nguyen. They gave each other a passionate kiss on stage and held hands to the romantic date with candles and champagne to start a new love. The kiss of both is considered too hot and not suitable for broadcast on television.

The gameshow series made the audience blush by sensitive moments in 2019 | Manga/Film

“Love Star” is a new dating show that has debuted since 2018. In every episode of the show, there is a guy or a girl who is facilitated by the manufacturer to reach out to 5 objects. Dating potential. However, it was not until season 2 that the program received a lot of attention from the online community in the direction of … not very positive. Following “Love Star”, the audience is constantly “hot-eyed” by the sensitive actions along with the drama that the players create.

The gameshow series made the audience blush by sensitive moments in 2019 | Manga/Film

The gameshow series made the audience blush by sensitive moments in 2019 | Manga/Film

Some audience comments in episode 23

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