The game play is good, but it has a very boring ending that makes gamers angry

1. Deus ex Mankind Divided

Imagine watching a classic movie but getting kicked out of the theater right in the most dramatic situation. That is also the feeling of the majority of gamers when witnessing the end of Deus ex Mankind Divided.

Blurred ending of Deus ex Mankind Divided

Actually calling it the ending is also not correct, when this ending does not bring a message or contribute to the explanation of the plot ahead. But that’s purely on Square Enix’s intentions, as you have no choice but to keep buying a sequel to the game. And according to a conspiracy theory, Square Enix deliberately cut the content of half the game, the main purpose is to stimulate demand for the game’s sequel. Sadly, this plan failed miserably, when not many people were interested and excited about an unfinished game.

2. Life is Strange

This game has two endings, and according to many, it further proves the bad for the manufacturers.

The game play is good but it has a very boring ending that makes gamers angry | GameK

Either way comes bad on one side

Because really, what you decide to do by the end of the game, you also have to stand between two choices. One, rescuing your best friend and neglecting the town’s safety, and the second of course the opposite, saving the town with thousands of lives while rejecting the friend’s plea and help. .

How to choose, just ending like that made a lot of gamers feel uncomfortable. Why, after so much effort and effort, they still have to choose and trade at the end of the game. A beautiful ending, or at least clearly, will make many people feel more comfortable in this situation, instead of giving two cases for reference.

3. New Super Mario Bros. WII

This game offers more than 100 levels for gamers to explore. You will have to find all the secret paths, difficult to guess directions, complete every level and especially collect 3 stars for each level. And to destroy this game, players will have to spend hours, or even weeks of difficult times.

The game play is good but it has a very boring ending that makes gamers angry | GameK

The end of New Super Mario Bros. WII doesn’t know if it’s worth calling the end

But what you get from Nintendo for a perfect ending is just too grim. There are no welcome fireworks, or any compliments or tributes or even a separate scene for the ending. After all, a line with the message “Thanks for playing” will run across the screen, making many people feel like an idiot for spending their youth in this game.

4. Vanquish

Introduced by the famous developer Platinums Games, but this is considered to be the worst game in its history, with record low sales and will certainly never be produced again. next. Especially when the end of it clearly shows the irresponsibility of the maker.

The game play is good but it has a very boring ending that makes gamers angry | GameK

Vanquish’s end did not make anyone feel convinced

The villain escapes, while the heroes are trapped in space, the US military is engulfed in chaos about a coup d’état. In addition, there are a ton of topics, unanswered questions. It will certainly cause extreme annoyance for players, when after the same experience, they still almost do not understand the content and meaning of Vanquish really.

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