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The game is extremely boring but still supported by a large number of gamers for difficult reasons

Not all games are interesting, this is very normal. Great video games, which will be supported by the majority, create a wave, bring their parent company huge revenue, and bring players satisfaction and countless memorable emotions.

But not all the underrated games fall into oblivion, there are still a few titles, based on luck or some other element of surprise, even if they play badly but still earn themselves a few. certain place. Video games that are “so bad that they can become special” are few, but not nonexistent. The examples below will show you that not only good games are popular with everyone.

Shaq Fu

This is a classic example of a sports star’s invasion of another field. Shaquille O’Neal was a famous basketball player in the 90s, with a huge fan base, and he really knew how to use his name to make an economy besides just playing basketball.

He released a rap album, then starred in two bomb-making movies called Kazaam, where he played a god of rap music. And then, we have Shaq Fu, a video game labeled O’Neal.

It is not difficult for Shaq Fu to attract a large number of players, because this game has O’Neal, but even Nintendo Power has to admit that Shaq Fu is 3rd in the list of the worst games of all time. , accompanied by a comment, “It is impossible to give an idea worse than this.” But for O ’Neal fans, putting this basketball star in Mortal Kombat-style matches, with an extremely poor quality, does not bother them. And because of that, Shaq Fu, despite being a poor player, was still a monument in the 1990s.

Deadly Premonition

The game is extremely boring but still supported by a large number of gamers for difficult reasons | Game Online

The most recent game seen as a particularly bad product is Deadly Premonition, which was published in 2010. Deadly Premonition is considered to be awful badly, but The Gamer still ranks it on the list named call it “sadly it works again”.

It sounds contradictory, but for some bizarre reasons, a game is considered crazy, with poor story guidance, and conversations that do not bring any information to the player, Deadly. Premonition still attracts a large number of fans.

Only the magic can help Deadly Premonition achieve success, because this game only receives criticism, GamersRada even called this the worst game of the year, and this is also a lot of critics. Binh and his fans agree. But anyway, Deadly Premonition was still successful, despite everyone criticizing it.


The game is extremely boring but still supported by a large number of gamers for difficult reasons | Game Online

If you make a bad game, make sure it’s crazy and different, then you can succeed. This is exactly what BloodRayne has done. A game about the heroine who has half vampire blood, and she will fight vampires like the Blade, but more than that, our girl even fights against Nazi Germany again.

Perhaps the fact that BloodRayne is full of violence, with bizarre conspiracies, supernatural phenomena has somewhat drawn players to it. But perhaps the most important point that makes BloodRayne, although not good, but is still loved by many people is because the game has built a unique heroine, a unique vampire hybrid hero, not only that. , BloodRayne also does very good marketing, they even put their sexy heroine naked in Playboy magazine to advertise.


The game is extremely boring but still supported by a large number of gamers for difficult reasons | Game Online

The game, QWOP, is a product from developer Bennett Foddy, who is known for his popular platformer puzzle. This is a very simple game, that players need to help an athlete named Qwop run a distance of 100m. It sounds like a simple task, but in reality it’s like you have to clear Flappy Bird.

The game has a very strange control system, players will use Q-W-O-P keys to control Qwop’s foot, and almost no one can prevent this character from falling. Foddy has created a game that almost no one can clear, and this has attracted a large number of players to come to QWOP, like the way Flappy Bird has ever done it.

Explaining that his product did not seem interesting but still attracted 30 million players on in 2011, Foddy revealed to Wired about his focus on gambling. curious, because no one thought QWOP is so hard, and the failure to play will stimulate people to try again.

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