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The free games are still very high quality, enough for gamers to “conquer” through Tet

It is often said that cheap is mine, but certainly this is not always the case. The proof is that the following games, although free, can completely become entertainment for Tet players.

Team Fortress 2

Initially, Team Fortress 2 was not free. Even the game has been tested with different prices, even allowing players to enjoy free games for a limited time. But now, not only free, no one dared to doubt the quality of this game.

Team Fortress 2 has a gameplay that requires shooting skills plus a combination of character classes in the game. Interesting graphics, attractive gameplay style make the game quickly appreciated and is one of the essential experiences in the gamer’s life.


Belonging to the card game series, Gwent was expected to become a blockbuster at the time of launch due to being based on The Witcher.

The free games are still very high quality enough for gamers to conquer through Tet | Game Online

In fact, Gwent has a similar starting point to Hearthstone as a card game developed based on the virtual world of a legend, here is The Witcher. Gamers will collect cards in this game, which are monsters or champions, spells in the original product. From there everyone will combine everything according to their style to create the best strategy, fighting against other players.

And although not so prominent at the moment, Gwent is not a bad choice during Tet holidays.


Is a free-to-play game with a third-person perspective that takes the theme of space shooter. The Warframe has a very special storyline with a combination of modern technology and ancient values, when the Ninja equipped with advanced weapons travel to the future to confront the enemy.

The free games are still very high quality enough for gamers to conquer through Tet | Game Online

This game was launched in 2013 with lots of doubts, but now it has become a big brand, even one of the most popular action games in the world, released on platforms. Hot consoles are Playstation 4 and Xbox One as well as PC. And perhaps, the attractive point of Warframe is its extremely rich equipment system. The first is the armor system that owns the name of the game: warframe, a total of 13 warframes so players can explore each part and assemble them together. This is also the aspect that shows the most immersive quality in this online game.

Path of Exile 2

Considered to be a one-on-one opponent of Diablo, Path of Exile 2 is also known as the perfect successor of the notorious Diablo 2 when it attracted a large number of gamers who registered to play. The most unique features in Diablo are exploited by Path of Exile, from how to build characters, to equipment systems, to the highlights of the skill system. All are built in a prototype like in Diablo.

The free games are still very high quality enough for gamers to conquer through Tet | Game Online

The most unique thing in Path of Exile is the construction of a large world, with a lot of content for gamers to explore. There are vast maps, no end points, or dark dungeons full of traps and monsters waiting for you. The fighting mechanism in Path of Exile is not much different from Diablo, the character classes remain the same and their skill sets. In Path of Exile, players can find similarities, or old silhouettes of character classes such as Paladin, Sorcereress or Amazon …

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