‘The Flash’ Ezra Miller unexpectedly appears in Crisis on Infinite Earths, connecting DCEU and Arrowverse

Today, the last two episodes of the crossover event arguably the most ambitious drama history, Crisis on Infinite Earths, have officially been released. And the DC fans were surprised by the appearance of The Flash movie version played by Ezra Miller himself – in today’s episode.

Crisis on Infinite Earths is the latest annual crossover event in Arrowverse – a CW drama universe starting with the Arrow series launched in 2012. Based on the famous comic-book event of the same name, Crisis on Infinite Earths gathers superheroes in Arrowverse such as Green Arrow, The Flash, Batwoman, Supergirl, Superman, White Canary, … to save the multiverse from the destruction of Anti-Monitor.

Specifically, in the fourth episode of Crisis on Infinite Earths, after Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) ran into Speed ​​Force, he unexpectedly met another version of Barry Allen from the movie universe. DCEU, starring Ezra Miller:

The Flash of Ezra Miller appears in Crisis on Infinite Earths

Of course, as Arrowverse’s biggest ever crossover event, CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths has brought a lot of cameo to the audience, like the appearance of “Clark Kent aged “Tom Welling in Smallville, or legendary Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy appears on screen as an older version of Bruce Wayne from E-99. However, the appearance of The Flash DCEU is probably something that no DC fan could expect. Partly because hiring an A-list actor like Ezra Miller, even for a few short cameo, is extremely expensive. The other part is that Warner Bros. often doesn’t want the drama segment to affect film products (such as when Warner Bros started Suicide Squad production, they asked Arrow’s crew not to use the characters). such as Deadshot or Amanda Waller).

 The Flash Ezra Miller unexpectedly appears in Crisis on Infinite Earths connecting DCEU and Arrowverse | Live

Why is that so?

And Ezra Miller himself, in an interview 4 years ago, once shared that he really wanted to have the opportunity to meet Flash TV version: “Grant Gustin is The Flash, I’m also The Flash, we’re going to run the competition together, sounds good. It’s like Jay Garrick and Barry Allen in the previous comics.”

 The Flash Ezra Miller unexpectedly appears in Crisis on Infinite Earths connecting DCEU and Arrowverse | Live

The fact that the television Flash and the movie Flash meet are actually Ezra Miller’s long-standing wish

So, does The Flash movie’s appearance in Arrowverse have any meaning, or is it just a surprise gift that the CW producer wants to give to fans by the support for the past 8 years? Perhaps everything is simply that. However, in the context that Ezra Miller is also working on a Flash movie project based on the famous “Flashpoint Paradox” event, many DC fans have come up with their own hypotheses.

 The Flash Ezra Miller unexpectedly appears in Crisis on Infinite Earths connecting DCEU and Arrowverse | Live

One theory that many people think about is that DCEU and Arrowverse are both part of the multiverse and connected to each other, but they all share the same Speed ​​Force. Most likely, in the upcoming movie of The Flash, Barry Allen of Ezra Miller will be lost in Speed ​​Force, and will be helped by The Flash TV version to unlock the potential of his strength. That sounds reasonable, too.

It is expected that The Flash movie will be released in July 2022.

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