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“The first people visit” Hoa Than is notorious for being so famous, but there are 2 certain amounts of money that he cannot touch

Hoa Than (1750-1799) Tu Tri Giai, title of Gia Nhac Duong, Ten Hot Vien, Lu Ye Dinh Owner, is known as a famous great sightseeing tour in Chinese history. Hoa Than was a politician and businessman during the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty.

At first, Hoa Than was a rather honest officer. But later, in order to consolidate his political position as well as satisfy his greed, he took advantage of his position, joined forces to do his own business, plotted profit, attacked the political faction, hoarding numbers. huge fortune.

After King Qianlong died, King Gia Khanh ascended the throne and immediately demoted Hoa Than from office, imprisoned in hell, and granted suicide. The image of Hoa Than has been more or less exploited by the dramas in many angles, mainly under the sarcastic and critical look. Hoa Than’s level of greed is considered to fluctuate the national foundation.

It is undeniable that Hoa Than is a great tourist, but in other aspects, he is also a talented person. Because if he is a person who simply has greed and has no talent, surely he will not be able to become the great master of the Qing Dynasty. In fact, Hoa Than knows very well the religion of being a mandarin, so the Emperor never caught his weakness or loopholes. Therefore, the Hoa Than can continue blatantly embezzling without being guilty.

First, Hoa Than absolutely does not embezzle money from the court for natural disaster relief. In ancient times, food production was extremely outdated, and when there were natural disasters such as floods and droughts, crops were lost. At this time, the court will mobilize and open the food warehouse to provide relief to the people. Not only at the distribution of food, but also with the distribution of clothes, money, items … This amount and items will be handed over to the local mandarins on behalf of the court to handle. Many people believe that “heaven is far away” can not be managed, so only a small portion is allocated to the people.

Many small officials took advantage of the position to embezzle the relief money without knowing that after the disaster was over, the Emperor would definitely send someone to investigate. Each time of relief, it turned out how many people left the throne, embezzled money from the court to make their own. Looking back at Hoa Than, he never embezzled the disaster relief money. Hoa Than understands very well, this money is definitely not greedy, because only a little greed will be investigated, and captured by the Emperor as a weakness, all will be judged. Hoa Than understands that there are many people who just wait for him to make a mistake and immediately borrow an excuse to turn over all of his greed.

 The first people visit Hoa Than is notorious for being so famous but there are 2 certain amounts of money that he cannot touch | Khám phá

Hoa Than is the role of actor Vuong Cuong

Second, Hoa Than did not embezzle money used by the court for the election. The feudal dynasty attaches great importance to the preparation of talents. Since the electoral regime began, each election occasion has been considered a great national thing, which everyone looks at. Therefore, Hoa Than absolutely does not touch this amount. Although he was greedy, but very respectful of his life, and even more reluctant to be brought out “killing chickens and scaring monkeys”.

Hoa Than greedy for money, but he knew clearly what money he could greed for money, he couldn’t greed. Hoa Than only does things that he holds firmly. On the standpoint, Hoa Than is extremely careful and meticulous. Hoa Than understood his greed, also understood that the Emperor knew his greed. This is also the reason why he was close to sightseeing, but no one could do anything. Only when King Gia Khanh ascended the throne, did Hoa Than be tried.

Hoa Than always keeps his attitude of knowing that it is difficult to withdraw, so the road view is extremely favorable. Moreover, the Emperor was very fond of Hoa Than in some ways, Hoa Than was also wholeheartedly working for the king, he only used his position to embezzlement money, so the Emperor sometimes also worked for the king. eyes closed eyes open to pass.

Source: Sohu, Sogou

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