The first patient recovering from HIV / AIDS dies of cancer recurrence

The International AIDS Society (IAS) announced on Wednesday: the first patient to recover from HIV, Mr. Timothy Ray Brown died of cancer. Mr. Brown is one of the famous names in the history of medicine when it became a symbol of hope for millions of people living with the disease of the century.

For more than ten years, Mr. Brown is free from AIDS. Before his death, Timothy Ray Brown was treated for recurrent leukaemia for several months and received the care of a physician at his home in Palm Springs, California.

Gero Huetter, the German doctor who led the historic treatment process, asserted that Timothy was the proof that the elimination of HIV was, under exceptional circumstances, possible. Professor Huetter mourned that the cancer took the life of Timothy, who currently has no HIV sequelae in his body.

Mr. Timothy Ray Brown, the first HIV / AIDS patient recovered from the disease

Treatment process

Science still knows that a marrow transplant is one of the most effective cures for blood cancer, but Huetter wants to try a cure for HIV using a rare gene mutation that allows the host to be naturally immune to the AIDS virus .

Mr. Brown’s first transplant, which took place in 2007, was only partially successful: HIV seemed to disappear, but leukemia was still there. During the second marrow transplant, Mr. Brown recovered from leukemia.

In an interview after he announced he was re-infected with cancer last year, Mr. Brown was happy with his treatment “open doors that never existed before“, And can inspire scientists to try to find a cure.

The second man to receive a marrow transplant to cure HIV / AIDS is Adam Castillejo. Currently, scientists have not yet discovered signs of the disease returning on this second patient’s body.

Because there aren’t many donations and transplants are risky, researchers are looking for genetic cures or using other ways to achieve effects similar to HIV immune marrow.

During an AIDS conference in July, researchers were happy to say they were able to get the initial stage of long-term viral immunity in a Brazilian patient, through a powerful drug combination that can get rid of the virus. causing HIV / AIDS hidden among the sick.

These breakthroughs come thanks to the successes of the first cure. In the words of the newly appointed IAS chair Sharon Lewin: “The scientific community hopes to honor the legacy Brown left with a safe, affordable and accessible treatment, using genetic engineering or empowerment techniques. control the immune system“.

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