The first look at Doom Eternal, the hottest monster-killer and 2020 game

Referring to Doom is referring to an action thriller, horror was first released in 1993. The game has conquered millions of gamers around the world by fast, powerful and extremely charismatic action play.

When coming back in 2016 by id Software and Bethesda, Doom once again conquered players with extremely beautiful graphics platform and the gameplay remains the same as in the olden days. And as a result, the next heir – Doom Eternal is becoming the focus of the world gaming community.

Are known, Doom Eternal is the next sequel to take place after the Doom 2016 event. Nobody knows much about what happened before Eternal because the reality of what we see in the gameplay is just an earth filled with evil.

From the perspective of the gameplay trailer, the fast-paced gameplay and the powerful, fast-paced action moves Doom Eternal will still look like its predecessor. The number of monsters in the game is also promised to be many times higher than the previous one, and also appear some other types of demons that are stronger and more intense.

The first look at Doom Eternal the hottest monster killer and 2020 game | PC/Console

And of course, in order to cope with such an abundance of funds, the number of weapons has now been greatly increased and modified to suit the current times in Doom Eternal. Equipment such as the armor or the character’s hat will also be provided but special abilities such as launching hooks to cling to objects or enemies or use an arm with a grenade launcher to fight.

A new mode will be added to Eternal this time is the ‘invasion mode’. This is where other players can transform into devils and jump and your single player campaigns and form groups of demons to destroy you. According to the manufacturer, this mode will still not affect the campaign progress, but the difficulty will increase and you can die at any time. Of course, it’s okay if you don’t like it.

The first look at Doom Eternal the hottest monster killer and 2020 game | PC/Console

The graphics are powered by idTech 7 engine and the all-new pulse-pounding soundtrack composed by Mick Gordon, nothing can prevent you from controlling DOOM Slayer when blowing new and old demons with powerful weapons. in the gaming world.

As expected, Doom Eternal will be officially launched on March 20. The game is integrated on 4 platforms PC, PS4, Xbox One and Google Stadia.

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