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The first 10 people set foot in Batcave, Batman’s super secret headquarters

Batcave, Batman’s super clam hideout, is probably one of the most famous superhero headquarters in the comics world. Batcave was not born, but it was built, upgraded, and expanded gradually through Batman parts. In Golden Age, this place was developed after Batman had used the secret rooms of the Wayne mansion and an underground warehouse.

Like the true identity of Batman, Batcave is kept absolutely secret from the outside world and very few people are allowed to set foot here. However, Bruce Wayne also sometimes facilitates exceptions, allowing allies, even enemies, to enter his headquarters. Here are the first 10 characters (chronologically in the comics) that got a chance to visit the Batcave. Note, criminals who intentionally break in here, instead of being invited or captured by Batman, will not be counted on this list.

Dick Grayson (Robin) has been in the Batcave since it was still under development

Not surprisingly, Dick Grayson was the first to be allowed into the Batcave because he had the time to be Bruce Wayne’s good assistant. Grayson has been here since it was a rudimentary cave and is in the process of “evolving” into the world’s most modern, secret headquarters, under Wayne’s genius design vision. That is why the Batcave was developed not only to serve the criminal investigation of Batman, but also to train and train Robin.

Robin also regularly visits the gallery of worthy feats of Batman’s battles with crime to keep in the Batcave. These victories remind Boy Wonder of the importance of lessons learned in combating evil. In the 1940s, the Batcave almost became a true home for this superhero duo.

Alfred Beagle (the first butler of Batman and Robin) quickly discovered the true identity of the superhero duo as well as the Batcave.

The first 10 people set foot in Batcave Batman s super secret headquarters | Living

When Batman and Robin hired the first butler, Alfred, he was not the Alfred Pennyworth known to modern comic book readers, but Alfred Beagle. His appearance must gradually change to be closer to the Batman series that is becoming more and more popular. Even in the Batman # 16 series by Don Cameron and Bob Kane, Alfred proved himself “not the right kind” when he was able to discover the superhero identity of Wayne and Grayson himself. Over time, Alfred also became a powerful assistant for this duo, a solid rear and also one of the few people who knew the Batcave like the palm of his hand.

Ed Rogers, whose appearance resembles Wayne, is sent back to Batcave to heal while Wayne disguises himself

The first 10 people set foot in Batcave Batman s super secret headquarters | Living

In Bill Finger and Charles Paris’s Batman # 45, a criminal named Ed Rogers is given leniency and temporary release to celebrate Christmas because of his good attitude towards reform. On the way home to propose to his girlfriend, Rogers was attacked and nearly lost his life. Fortunately, he was promptly saved by Robin and Batman. However, because Rogers’ injuries were too heavy, forcing the superhero duo to take him back to Batcave for treatment.

At this time, because of the bad guy’s appearance quite similar to himself, Bruce Wayne plays Rogers to investigate the reason why he was attacked, even accepted to go to prison when necessary. At the end of this volume, Rogers is released and returned to his family.

Vicki Vale, who is determined to expose Batman’s identity

The first 10 people set foot in Batcave Batman s super secret headquarters | Living

In Batman # 49 of Bill Finger and Bob Kane, Batman suddenly was chased by a “tail” in his journey to catch criminals. That is Vicki Vale, female reporter / photographer tasked with monitoring and capturing most of Batman’s movements when facing the enemy. During the process, Vale began to appear doubts about the identity of the Batman, and even vaguely guessed that he was the famous billionaire Bruce Wayne.

Vicki Vale also got the chance to be invited by Batman into the Batcave and even allowed her to freely take pictures. However, he skillfully covered the female reporter’s eyes so that she could not locate the exact location of the place, a strategy that the Dark Knight used frequently. Thankfully, Vale was unable to find anything of value in Batcave. After that, Batman decided to date her, even though she insisted on finding his true identity.

Jimmy, Boy Wonder 2nd edition, trained in Batcave by Batman

The first 10 people set foot in Batcave Batman s super secret headquarters | Living

In Bob Kane and Lew Sayre Schwartz’s Batman # 50, Robin discovered that Batman was spending too much time in the Batcave training a young kid named Jimmy. Robin believes that this boy is the plan to replace him, even watching them on missions together and witnessing Jimmy saving Batman’s life.

When Batman sent Robin to take out Jimmy’s other Robin costume, he became angry and determined to make this happen. However, a surprise happened when Batman was captured by the criminal “Gloves”, forcing Robin and Jimmy to work together to rescue. At this time, the new Batman revealed Jimmy completely lost his sight but still wanted to become a hero against evil. That is exactly why the two of them train together in the Batcave.

Hagan, henchman of The Penguin, was arrested to Batcave for interrogation

The first 10 people set foot in Batcave Batman s super secret headquarters | Living

In Detective Comics # 134 by Bill Finger and Jim Mooney, Batman captured one of Penguin’s minions, Hagan. Since Penguin escaped, Batman needs to know the location of his next attack, and the answer most likely lies in the henchman. However, he was determined to protect his master.

This forced Batman to bring Hagan back to Batcave and use the special interrogation room, four directions of eight directions of giant super-sized mirrors, along with the ceiling lights flashing ghostly and the music that echoes like it wants to break through eardrum people. In the end, Hagan gave in to Batman’s bizarre psychological blow and revealed what he knew.

JJ Jason, a detective story writer with sharp inferences about Batman’s identity

The first 10 people set foot in Batcave Batman s super secret headquarters | Living

In Jim Mooney’s World’s Finest # 39, detective writer JJ Jason tried to expose Batman’s identity with various schemes. Just pretending to be a victim being chased by a criminal, Jason has access to the Batman and even had the opportunity to visit the Batcave. Like Vicki Vale, Wayne used this writer’s eye patch, but Jason still tried to deduce the Batcave’s position based on the length of time they moved.

Not only that, Jason is constantly looking for ways to gather a lot of information related to Batman, making the Dark Knight more suspicious. When realizing the truth, Wayne hired a blind and deaf man to impersonate Batman, and appeared in front of Jason at the Wayne mansion to deceive this writer.

Jack Fasset, a jewelry criminal was arrested to Batcave for interrogation

The first 10 people set foot in Batcave Batman s super secret headquarters | Living

Just a month later, in the episode Detective Comics # 146 by Bill Finger and Dick Sprang, Batman was confronted by a group of criminals led by Carl “Numbers” Cave. This name has always been obsessed with numbers and thinks that 3 is his lucky number. All of his criminal activities have something to do with this number, and his strategy sometimes goes beyond Batman’s speculative abilities.

Batman then kidnapped Jack Fasset, a notorious criminal the Numbers were working with. He took him, unconscious, to the Batcave, then lied that he was locked in a train cabin. The shaking and the splashing of water made him seasick and forced the Numbers’ next plan to be revealed.

Dr. Gaige came to Batcave to help Batman build the Bat-submarine submarine

The first 10 people set foot in Batcave Batman s super secret headquarters | Living

To track down the criminal nicknamed Tiger Share in Dick Sprang’s Detective Comics # 147, Batman teamed up with Dr. Gaige, director of Voyager’s Club, to help him build the Bat-submarine submarine. The workflow went well, and the new vehicle also helped a lot for Batman and Robin in tracking Tiger Shark.

However, this cunning criminal is always one step ahead of them and has never been arrested again. However, every time Tiger Shark escapes, Batman has more information and clues needed to solve the case he caused. The extreme twist plot twist of this book is in detail Tiger Shark is actually Dr. Gaige. Overly impressed with the cunning and clever criminal, Batman sent him and his companions to prison, and at the same time took his hat to decorate the Batcave’s showroom.

Selina Kyle-Wayne (Earth-2’s Catwoman) is healed in Batcave while assisting Batman in capturing a criminal

The first 10 people set foot in Batcave Batman s super secret headquarters | Living

Before becoming Batman’s wife in Earth-2, Selina Kyle was an active criminal with the nickname Catwoman. In Bill Finger’s Batman # 62, Bob Kane and Lew Sayre Schwartz, she teamed up with Mister X. However, when she saved Batman’s life, Selina suffered a head injury and recovered some of the memories she had lost. from many years before, in a plane crash, and also caused her to become a criminal.

Right now, Selina helps Batman and Robin capture Mister X by still pretending to cooperate with me. When executing the plan, Selina almost lost her life and was brought back to Batcave by Batman for treatment, and at the same time away from Mister X. After that incident, Selina began assisting Batman in many subsequent cases. The two gradually formed a close relationship, got married and had a beautiful daughter together.

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