The father of “Vietnamese national software” Unikey revealed: Leaving the position of Director of Zalo AI after 8 years of attachment and joining MoMo

New destination of the father of Vietnamese percussion Unikey

Appearing in front of the press, MoMo’s AI Council suddenly had a new name quite familiar in the technology world – Pham Kim Long – the father of “Vietnam’s national software” Unikey.

Long is a private figure in the technology world, who created Unikey’s super compact Vietnamese percussion when he was only a final year student at Hanoi University of Science and Technology in 1994. He graduated with honors in information technology. at Hanoi University of Science and Technology in 1996, then studied and worked in the Czech Republic for 10 years.

Back in Vietnam, Pham Kim Long joined IBM Vietnam and FPT Telecom. VNG is the closest company he joined, with the position of Director of Zalo AI.

After 8 years of working at the old company, I also determined that I should have a fresher, more challenging change at work, creating more impactful products.“, Pham Kim Long confided.

At MoMo, Mr. Long is in charge of research groups on natural language processing and computer vision technologies.

When asked a rather sensitive question about the “competition” between the old place and the new place, Mr. Long shared quite modestly:VNG specifically Zalo is the company I have worked for 8 years, have many attachments and emotions, and also respect Mr. Minh (Mr. Le Hong Minh – General Director of VNG), Mr. Khai (Vuong Quang Khai – Deputy General Director of VNG), worked closely with Mr. Khai. Zalo has a huge investment in AI”.

“To compare with MoMo, the AI ​​in Zalo is a bit more volatile. After 8 years, I also want to have new and more practical challenges. The fintech field is completely new to me. The attractive point of MoMo is the attached service. Diverse with people’s lives, interacting with MoMo leaders, feeling that they are very respectful and have great trust“.

‘Using AI to do great things but not applying it is a failure’

The father of Vietnamese national software Unikey revealed Leaving the position of Director of Zalo AI after 8 years of attachment and joining MoMo | Apps/Games

* Having worked for many large corporations and technology companies for a long time, what chance made you change and come back to MoMo?

After 8 years of working at the old company, I also determined that I should have a new change, be more challenging at work, create more impactful products.

I didn’t know much about MoMo before, but after the first meeting with Mr. Nguyen Manh Tuong (Vice Chairman & Co-CEO) and Mr. Thai Tri Hung (Deputy General Director – CTO), and then the meeting Meeting with both MoMo’s technology leadership, I realized that MoMo’s vision and direction is really attached to the daily lives of tens of millions of people. With that vision, I believe this is an attractive job, creating value for a wide range of users.

In addition, Mr. Tuong has “ordered” the problem of using natural language processing (NLP) technology to build a customer care chatbot. I found this to be a pretty good post, and close to the work I’ve done.

* In the past, you also had products that created value and had an impact on society, so is there any big difference in solving these problems now about MoMo?

I found that the problems that Mr. Tuong and Mr. Hung posed such as the eKYC system (identifying customers through photos and identification documents), or chatbots were very practical and very important to MoMo’s core product. . I find it challenging and motivating when the work I do can make a big impact, helping to improve the user experience.

* Can you share more about the customer care chatbot problem you are building?

With services with tens of millions of users like MoMo, customer care needs to be supported by intelligent chatbot communication systems in addition to customer care staff. Chatbots with the ability to understand languages ​​can answer frequently asked questions, handle simple tasks through the application’s chat channel.

Chatbots can also act as the initial communication layer, asking for preliminary customer information, streamlining processing and transferring information to support staff. Such a chatbot system will help handle more customer requests, and the staff time to process each request is faster.

* How do you see the role of AI in technology products?

AI can be an important core, or a differentiator of many products, but for a successful product to require many other components, the effort can be much greater than the core of the AI. If using AI to do great things, with the latest technology, the most beautiful AI model indicators, but in the end the user experience is not “smooth”, users do not like it, it is also a failure.

* Do you have any personal interests?

My number one personal entertainment hobby is watching movies, especially crime movies, I like drama and unexpected twists and turns.

In addition, I also love to travel, but perhaps unlike the dynamic MoMo young people, I only go on vacation. Recently, I also study and play chess online.

* Your favorite book?

Last year I read a book called “AI Superpowers” by Kai-Fu Lee by Kai-Fu Lee. This is a fascinating book about China’s AI development. The book shows how AI and the Internet have profoundly changed Chinese life and society. It is no exaggeration to say that China is an AI “superpower” of the world.

* Do you remember an impressive quote?

There is a saying I hear a lot is “Change is the only constant in life”. This is especially true of the information technology industry. Just standing still, after a few years, I will be left behind.

Those who pursue this industry must constantly update their knowledge and new technology, which is also quite hard. Luckily, I’m also an avid learner. I often learn through online platforms, through video lectures by professors in US schools such as MIT, Berkeley, Stanford… nam-gan-bo-va-dau-quan-sang-momo-20220120123728536.chn nam-gan-bo-va-dau-quan-sang-momo-20220120123728536.chn

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