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The event of ARM-based Macs will be announced by Apple during WWDC this year

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple is expected to announce the transition from Intel to ARM chips for its Mac line at the WWDC developer conference here. The event is scheduled to take place online on June 22, and this is usually where Apple announces the transition of its platform.

This year, in addition to switching to ARM chips, may also be the place to introduce iOS 14, MacOS 10.16, WatchOS 7 and more.

Apple has successfully used A-series custom chips for its iPhone and iPad series, helping these iOS devices gain market-leading performance. Now they’re trying to take advantage of this to put on laptops – and then maybe their desktop.

Bloomberg said Apple plans to announce the transition this month, giving developers time to prepare for applications ready when the first Macs using ARM chips will launch in 2021.

Earlier, Bloomberg said Apple was developing a 12-core ARM chip with its own custom design. This chip will be manufactured on the 5nm process and have superior performance Intel current chip is equipped for the MacBook Air line.

Switching from Intel to ARM is expected to improve performance and battery life, while helping Apple reduce the cost per unit of product. A new report by Bloomberg also said that Apple’s chip development team also realized that GPU performance as well as artificial intelligence computing have increased significantly.

A Twitter account called @ L0vetodream previously suggested that Apple will revive the 12-inch MacBook line within the next few years, and it will run on ARM chip architecture.

WWDC is scheduled to take place from June 22. Currently, Apple has not officially confirmed the date of the main events, but it is said to be on the 22nd (Monday). This will be a good time to announce products aimed at consumers, as the technology showcase will take place for the rest of the week. This also follows the regular schedule of WWDC in previous years.

The Bloomberg report adds that performance improvements will be a major focus of major operating systems released this year, as well as new health features for Apple Watch.

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