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The drug trafficker’s apartment was raided by police for failing to comply with social isolation requirements

The whole world is working together against the Covid-19 pandemic, home isolation is also one of the indispensable things to do. While there are people who choose to watch movies, learn new skills or chat with friends over the internet, somewhere in Grimsby (UK) there are people who choose an illegal method for entertainment, specifically here use narcotic.

Photos directly from the raid.

The bustling scene of “people going in and out” buying and selling at the apartment of a drug dealer living in the port city of Lincolnshire has “caught the eye” of the authorities here. In the context that everyone has to be isolated at home to ensure safety, the boss’ apartment has countless visits every day, an estimated 100 people / day during the past time! Of course, the authorities could not sit still at the risk of such a large epidemic, so they decided to raid and invite the drug dealer to be isolated in the camp.

Responding to the news of the raid, Police Chief Darren Wildbore said: “We are still executing orders and supporting Covid-19-related matters, this does not mean that we will relax the situation. peaceful treatment.

“The police will still investigate and ensure everyone’s safety. People are very concerned about the spread of Covid-19 so our policies need to be aggressive.”

(Source: Ladbible)

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