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The dogs are the best but most useful in the world of gaming

Dogs are always human best friends, whether in real life or in games. Whether it’s the girls, or the boys, our four-legged friends, of all sizes, races always know how to play the hero in crucial moments.

The same is true for video games on the PS4 platform, where Sony is still creating great dogs, friends who can help players a lot in their journeys. Let’s take a look at the best superstars in the PS4 video games below.

Blair Witch – Bullet

One of the scariest dogs on this list is Bullet, a Belgian dog, proud of the Malinois and a close friend of former policeman Ellis Lynch, who wants to dig up the Black Hills forest to find a boy. missing.

Not only does she have a smart appearance, Bullet’s assistance also helps Ellis stay awake with this dog as a companion, such as the time Bullet helped Ellis escape from the terrible hallucinations and paranoia due to being attenuate. Bullet can also do many other things depending on the different commands, such as to sniff clues, stick to Ellis or distract anything dangerous in the Black Hills Forest.

Loyal, always ready to fight against evil forces for his beloved owner, Bullet is the dog you want to be with whenever facing the evil supernatural forces.

Call of Duty: Ghosts – Riley

The dogs are the best but most useful in the world of gaming | Game Online

Riley is like the Chuck Norris of dogs, and even this extremely powerful and robed Kevlar shepherd is a terrible motive. Seriously, you absolutely can not need to use a gun when playing Call of Duty: Ghosts, but just let this well-known shaggy exterminator do everything for you (but this is Not easy, if not careful, you will ruin everything).

This powerful four-legged friend can neutralize terrorists’ weapons, rip these enemies to you, or even take down an attack helicopter filled with bad guys, Riley is a Ultimate weapon, a dog has no limit on the level of carnage it can cause. Do not underestimate Riley.

Fallout 4 – Dogmeat

The dogs are the best but most useful in the world of gaming | Game Online

When the world is coming to an end, what better way to spend your remaining few days with a dog, playing in the post-apocalyptic context? That’s exactly what Fallout has brought to the player since the very first day of the game’s release, and Dogmeat has always proven to be a great companion.

Inspired by the dog that followed Mel Gibson’s Max Rockatansky in Mad Max 2, Dogmeat appeared most recently in Fallout 4 with the image of an immortal German Shephard, which is like a message about Dogmeat cannot die, it is immortal

A significant benefit for players when they do missions in Fallout 4, is that Dogmeat is very good at finding missing people, collecting items on demand and of course, loving players unconditionally. While dogs are considered human best friends, Dogmeat is the most obvious example of this being too accurate, regardless of the context.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season – Rosie

The dogs are the best but most useful in the world of gaming | Game Online

At first, Rosie did not receive much affection, because it left its owner with the students as the Zombie swept through the land where it was living peacefully days. Rosie’s fierce appearance also made it unapproachable in everyone’s eyes, as did Clemintine.

But then, Rosie and Clemintine became close friends, Rosie quickly became Clementine’s guardian, helped her against all dangers, and it also showed profound insights about the state of mind. Clementine’s deteriorating spirit and helpful help.

Strong, loyal, and sensitive, perhaps no friend could be better than Rosie when you fall into the difficult days of a world full of Zombie.

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