The ‘Dance as BlackPink’ movement continues to invade social networks, are you ready to join?

From Facebook, Instagram to TikTok, the K-Pop fan community is “on the move” with a video just uploaded by BlackPink on January 10. The short clip “teasing” the very choreography and music “impulsive” of 4 girls is making the Blinks extremely curious, not sure about what “interesting” is going to wait.

The video revealed an exclusive exchange with BlackPink, the experience was extremely “explosive”.

Not long after that, the fan community discovered, this was the opening for the movement “Dance like BlackPink, or also has the hashtag #danceAwesome on social networks to help fans have more” Cheap Moment “. with idols.

Get “cheap moment” now with BlackPink with this Awesome dance.

The dance only lasts for more than a dozen seconds, in extremely simple for anyone to follow but still imprints distinct, personality of BlackPink. You can follow the instructional video posted on Facebook and Youtube with the keyword #danceAwesome and follow along easily.

Even though it’s just over a day after launch, when searching for hashtag #danceAwesome on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, you’ll immediately see thousands of video results, proving the appeal of BlackPink and the new dance movement. Particularly on TikTok, the girl’s dance instruction video has now attracted millions of views, and the total view for all #danceAwesome videos on this platform also attracts more than 100 million views and is still growing rapidly. face.

The Dance as BlackPink movement continues to invade social networks are you ready to join | Live

The #danceAwesome videos have now reached hundreds of millions of views on TikTok.

At the end of the introduction video, BlackPink also revealed an extremely hot information for Blinks in Asia. Exactly, at 17:00 on January 14, fans will have the exclusive opportunity to interact with BlackPink at the “Awesome Live” event, held in Jakarta, Indonesia. At the exchange, BlackPink will unfortunately not re-perform the group’s hits, but the 4 girls will look back at the most impressive #danceAwesome videos and dozens of other surprises that will be revealed.

The Dance as BlackPink movement continues to invade social networks are you ready to join | Live

Let’s wait for an exclusive exchange with BlackPink on January 14th.

The #danceAwesome trend is actually a collaboration between girls from YG and Samsung, exclusively for Galaxy A series phones. The dance movement promises to bring a new breeze, impress young people who love the fun, different and unique – things that both BlackPink and Galaxy A series want to look forward to.

Remember, join #danceAwesome right now and wait for the livestream screen of BlackPink on the fanpage come on.

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