The craziest universes can appear in the Arena of Truth: Infinite Galaxies

True to its name, Arena Of Truth: Infinite Galaxy will take the player to a different dance when the game starts, you will not know that you have been pushed to any distant galaxy. There is only one universe called Neekoverse Riot Games confirmed and during development there are more universes to be added. Here are the craziest ideas possible about this cosmic mechanism.

The universe is reversed

In this universe, every time the round begins, 2 random units of 2 players will play each other, they will also turn clan – each other and equip if any. This universe will create extremely interesting and crazy interactions that you can hardly imagine, it is also a test of the dignity of real players. If you trade your unimportant unit with the main force of the opponent, then victory is not in your hands.

If “see” a key unit like Jinx then you will surely win

URF universe

URF is a concept that is not too strange for LoL players anymore, it has also been applied to the Arena of Truth to solve too “round” rounds. In the URF universe, the time for the general selection round and the preparation time will still take place at a normal pace. However, at the beginning of the round, all your heroes will attack as fast as the machine in the URF universe. It will definitely save players a lot of time.

The craziest universes can appear in the Arena of Truth Infinite Galaxies | Esports

Quick 20p one game only, how the house

Space Travel Time

This is a universe that helps gamers recall the past of the Arena of Truth. When starting the match in the Time Travel universe, all players will be taken to the time of season 1 or season 2 with the entire system of generals, equipment will be identical to the past. The stats of the generals, equipment, clan – then system will be similar to the index of the last version that season still exists, for example, season 1 will get version 9.21.

The craziest universes can appear in the Arena of Truth Infinite Galaxies | Esports

It is time for the young chess players to understand this legendary Draven

Pirate planet universe

Space pirates are notorious criminals throughout the galaxy, they plunder many places, many different spacecraft to enrich themselves. When playing in their universe, you will also have to follow their rules, the winner will rob the loser and create extremely interesting financial snowball displays. Besides, when a player is defeated, the entire amount of money that player earns from the income (not counting the basic money) will be equally divided among the surviving players.

The craziest universes can appear in the Arena of Truth Infinite Galaxies | Esports

Gold is the most important thing for pirates and their universe

Cloned Universe

As the name implies, the Clone universe will create clones of units in the squad when the round begins, after all the round will disappear. In the beginning, it may be before stage 4, only one unit will be cloned, but then another unit of your squad will also create a parallel entity. The ability to suddenly know the squad strength in this universe will be very high, especially when you clone the team’s core.

The craziest universes can appear in the Arena of Truth Infinite Galaxies | Esports

Not that you know what Zed

Above are extremely interesting ideas about the universes of the Arena of Truth: Infinite Galaxy, if you also have any ideas that are somewhat crazy and creative, please leave your comments in the comment section. .

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