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The coolest technology on the market: PS5 liquid metal heatsink

The upcoming PlayStation 5 will contain a liquid metal layer that separates the system on an AMD chip (SoC) and the system heatsink. Before the PS5 release, this was considered impossible on consoles for various reasons. Sony engineers have proposed a solution that successfully solves the problem, allowing the new PS5 to dissipate heat into the environment faster.

Vice President Yasuhiro Ootori and PS5 are disassembled.

Temperature control is a big aspect in researching and manufacturing any electronic system, and obviously Sony appreciate the importance of heat dissipation in design stage. Based on these improvements, we can rest assured that the PS5 will be cooler and make less noise. More importantly, this will be the factor that allows the machine to run heavier games without overload.

Go into the analysis to get a little better understanding.

Liquid metal is the ultimate cooling ingredient

Heat is a byproduct that always arises during microprocessor operations. Modern CPUs and GPUs will radiate a lot of heat due to the enormous workload they are currently under. If the temperature gets too high, there’s an error inside the transistor that stops the system from working. That’s why we need heat dissipation.

The coolest technology on the market PS5 liquid metal heatsink | Digital toys

A common cooling system will have a conductive material that takes heat away from the chip to the critical component, the heatsink. But in order to optimize the process, you’ll want the chip and heatsink to be as powerful as possible. That is the job of the thermal interface material (TIM).

Normally, most systems will use TIM as glue, but PS5 does not. In “Abdominal surgery”, engineer and vice president Yasuhiro Ootori explained the reason.

The PS5’s on-chip system is a small block of metal that runs at a very fast clock speed“, Mr. Ootori said. “This caused the temperature to rise in the silicon chip, and led us to significantly increase the efficiency of the conductor, also known as TIM, between the system on the chip and the heatsink.“.

Sony uses liquid metal as its TIM.

According to Mr. Ootori, “PS5 utilizes liquid metal’s ability to act as TIM, ensuring a system with long lasting performance, stability and good cooling.“.

The coolest technology on the market PS5 liquid metal heatsink | Digital toys

The liquid metal layer conducts heat from the chip to the dissipation.

Why now new Sony app?

Liquid metal is a difficult material to handle and use, because it conducts electricity. It will be difficult to rule out the possibility of a short circuit when introducing liquid metal into the system. Besides, it is difficult to transport the material liquid. The low strength of the liquid metal was the last factor that made it unpopular in computer manufacturing.

But apparently, Sony is confident in its new product.

The coolest technology on the market PS5 liquid metal heatsink | Digital toys

We spent more than two years researching and implementing liquid metal heat dissipation“, Mr. Ootori said. “During that process, the machine went through many different tests“.

Earlier this year, Sony registered license of invention an insulation sheet capable of acting as the barrier between the liquid metal and the rest of the system. Sony has solved the insulation problem and prevented the liquid from spilling around.

Sony isn’t alone. Asus has also launched a new laptop that uses liquid metal surface heat. We can be somewhat assured of its durability.

How cool will the PS5 be?

The coolest technology on the market PS5 liquid metal heatsink | Digital toys

That does not mean that your PS5 will escape the heat, because liquid metal cannot surpass the physical law of thermodynamics. Heat also only goes from the chip to your room, not dissipated.

It’s not wrong to say a computer is a heating device. But it is clear that Sony is interested in improving its cooling system, after all, if the PS5 becomes a real heater, it will not be able to run the game.

When the console war is determined by content, the console race depends on how powerful the “engine” is of creativity and science.

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