The confession of the man who lived a bland life: When he was young, he did not dare to move forward for fear, he would know how to fall backwards when he was in pain, and it was a thousand times more painful

22 years old, you graduated from college, because your major is not easy to find a job, the first few years you have to run a motorbike taxi, fast delivery.

24 years old, you find a job, the salary job is not high, and often have to work overtime until late at night.

30 years old, you get married, the object introduced by a matchmaker, parents ask if you like the girl, you nod: “I like it.”

At 33, your health is getting worse and worse, overtime shifts are less, and the pace of advancement is also increasingly slow. The wife, bestowed by people, tells you: “my daughter is going to kindergarten, a bilingual 6 million a month.” You frowned, she couldn’t stand it anymore, “Mr. Lộc’s son, 12 million a month!” “you were, do you want your children to fail ?!” you shut up, go back to your room and give your wife 12 million, and then you count your birthday and reward yourself with a new computer.

36 years old, I went to 1st grade. The teacher said that the first grade is very important, you smile and say yes yes, please take care of my grandchildren, I see you do not understand, show you the light path: “tutoring for about a month, etc. …” 6th grade, she said secondary school is very important, you laugh said: “yes yes yes, I am planning to pay for my extra tuition.”

One day when she came home, she told you: “Dad, I want to learn the piano”.

Although you are no longer confused, sentences “the current three can not buy” You may have spoken a lot in these years, but this time you were still speechless. Fortunately, the girl was relatively understanding, she said: “It’s okay, dad, if it’s not okay, I’ll learn guitar well.” You look good girl, happy in your heart.

46 years old, girls attending high school are not bad.

One day, you were in a meeting, received a phone call from the teacher, said on the phone that your child was fighting at school, and invited the parents to go to school to solve it. You timidly ask your superior to be 5 years younger than you to take a break, go to school again and be taught by a teacher, “I am a parent but I don’t know how to teach children”, you laugh, yes yes.

49 years old, daughter went to college.

Specialized children learn, you look at not understand anything. You just know that the job is certainly not easy to find, but the tuition is extremely high.

One night, you got drunk and went to talk to your kids. You say words that you used to hate, “It is because of the future work that think, choose a hot career, do not do it as you like.

You and your child are talking to a quarrel. You find out you’re old, don’t argue with girls anymore. You said no to her, could only shout: “I am your father!”

She looks at you, knows there’s no point in arguing, you don’t want to hear it anymore. When she returned to her room, you heard a sentence: “I don’t want to live like you.”

You do not know why crying, the first 50 years old crying.

Probably because of the spicy wine, isn’t it? Probably because of the spicy wine.

55 years old, daughter to work, seems to have sympathized with you a bit. 56 years old, daughter married. You asked if you like the other boy. She asserted: “I like it.“You are delighted.

The confession of the man who lived a bland life When he was young he did not dare to move forward for fear he would know how to fall backwards when he was in pain and it was a thousand times more painful | Live

60 years old, strenuous a whole life, you want to travel a bit.

The other half has been with you for 30 years, but whether you still like her or not is unknown.

You and her start calculating the way to travel. For so many years, both still disagree, still arguing. Then they got in there, all prepared, the girl said: “Mom and Dad, we’re so busy, can you help us look after me?”. You withdraw the plane ticket, back like 30 years ago.

70 years old, the daughter of the daughter has also grown up, no need to look after each day anymore. You decide to say: “Definitely have to go on a trip.” But the stick in hand can only help you go downstairs flower garden only.

73 years old, you lay in a hospital bed, woke up after a coma, surrounded by people, you dreamily saw the doctor shaking his head, the surrounding solemnity.

You realize, you are about to die. You have no fear at all. You suddenly wonder: WHAT DID WE REALLY DEAD?

You remember the wedding when you were 30 years old. It turned out that you were dead.

3 seconds before dying, 73 years of your life rewind backward, 1 second, 2 seconds passed, your face without any emotion.

Second seconds, you suddenly laugh.

It was 15 years old, when you saw a little boy holding a loaf of bread, wearing a school bag with other students. The boy walked over to the balcony of the girl next door, looking towards the window. It was the girl you secretly loved at age 15,

You don’t think what she looks like, you try to remember.

3 seconds passed, the next person suddenly screamed, you fall into the dark night.

The confession of the man who lived a bland life When he was young he did not dare to move forward for fear he would know how to fall backwards when he was in pain and it was a thousand times more painful | Live

The vast majority of mankind has passed through the earth with this résumé submitted to Pluto like this. The proportion of people belonging to the crowd in Africa, Asia is higher. Many dreams, intended to be just a sigh before dying. Not that they lacked money or lack of conditions as they once explained.

But in the end, what did they lack for a lifetime, unable to put their names on green history? The traces they left on the ground are only steles bearing the number of years of enjoyment but are not long deleted, because humans could not find any cemetery a few thousand years, hundreds of years, even hundreds of years are rare?

Human life is short like a blink of the universe. Friend Know that to save time. Anyone who recognizes this truth knows how to carry out the most earnest desires of his life, because there is not much time left.

The ultimate goal of our being is not a name, nor a benefit, but a change in the lives of others for the better, also known as helping people. If you ever thought so, you should take action. What do you say but don’t do?

I am now in my 20s, at the most, I can only breathe for 80 years, but only 40 years is normal and strong enough. There are 63 provinces and 200 countries in the world, so many charming places of painting, so many strange lands, so many unfortunate lives that need us to offer a hand, how many children are in need of opportunities. In order to change their destiny, so many arid regions are in need of their intellect to be prosperous.

A person who does not dare to do, does not dare to go, does not dare to spend money, does not dare to give, does not want to help people, does not dare to dare to be there … is because the word “ FAIR ” dwells in their heads. A few dozen years later, there will be a time when it will never be possible. Fear of losing then to lose everything, can not read the words like this every morning anymore, everyone so.

Thinking about the end of my life, a life like a movie where I am both a writer, a director, and an actor. Go ahead and script the phone.

At death, Pluto will ask “who is this person, who has been able to do anything, and helped anyone” I have a very interesting profile or CV to show!

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