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The classic spending tons of tons of child games makes many parents only cry silently

We all know that in this world there is nothing free, free labeled games are actually not “free” at all, because they will have hundreds of ways to make money from gamers in The process they play, the adults understand this. But for children with immature experience, don’t.

A recent report on how much kids spend on video games will really shock parents, thousands of dollars have been collected by game stores from customers under the age of 18, be careful with cards Your credit for seeing your children play the most horrific blood-sucking video games below.


$ 46,000 is the amount that a Belgian teenager named Robin put into Game of War: Fire Age for three months. Surely we can understand how shocked his mother was when she saw this figure, the money she could spend on the whole family for months.

In the mother’s words, she asked her son to use a credit card to buy some books that were sold online. This has made him know the card information and use it to link with his iTunes account. After the incident was discovered, Robin said he did not remember exactly how much he spent, obviously lack of financial management skills, the problem that most young people have encountered caused Robin spend 46,000 USD on the game.


The classic spending tons of tons of child games makes many parents only cry silently | Game Online

What will you do with 12000 USD? Certainly for many of us, it can be quite a headache to spend all this money, enough money for a family to travel, buy a new car, or simply can help the whole family. spending families comfortably for months. But for Catherine Nikas-Boulos’ son, spending $ 12,000 is much simpler, the 9-year-old boy has spent this money on items in Dragon city.

Poor mother only found out about this when she went to the supermarket, she did not have enough money to pay for the goods she was buying but did not understand where her money was going. Worse still, Nikas’s credit card was still linked to the family savings account, which led to a pile of electricity and water bills and countless other unpaid items. Perhaps with what has caused, even though the money was recovered after a few weeks, Nikas still could not help but panic. Meanwhile, the son of the son of a son was banned from playing games until he was 21 years old to ensure financial safety for his family.


The classic spending tons of tons of child games makes many parents only cry silently | Game Online

7-year-old Mohamed Shugaa spent $ 6000 in just 1 day to buy items to upgrade his Jurassic World account. The British boy’s father then struggled to get the money back from Apple, with a convincing explanation that no adult would spend that much money on a game. kidding like that, that was obviously an accident.

Eventually, Apple returned Mohamed’s father $ 6000, and after receiving the money, the man stated that Apple needs to pay more attention to buyer management, he said. “Apple should more responsible. Parents need a check and they should keep track of the payments. “, It is true that this idea is very noticeable, especially it came from a father who had just spent a few thousand dollars son for playing games ..

Apple Store

The classic spending tons of tons of child games makes many parents only cry silently | Game Online

Doug Crosson, unlike the parents in the examples above, he immediately called the police when he found out that his 13-year-old son had spent up to $ 4,500 on various games, like Nova 3, Gun Bros 2, Gun Builder, Infinity Blade and Plants Vs. Zombies. According to Cameron, the son of Doug, the boy had not expected to spend so much.

When Crosson contacted his credit card company, they told him that he would need to file a fraud report to accuse his son. So he contacted the British government’s National Fraud Agency, so that they could investigate, so the police would have to decide whether it was a real crime or not.

Crosson, also a police officer, later talked about Apple’s activities, “I am the father of a studious, polite and sensitive 13-year-old kid, but he was deceived after downloading the games. for free kids on iPod and iPad, and those who should be accused here are not my children. is an expensive lesson for managing kids with video games.

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