The Chinese doctor claims that traditional medicine has the ability to completely cure diabetes

While Western medicine still has to accept diabetes as a chronic disease, which means that patients will need insulin injections and other drugs for the rest of their lives, in China, a doctor named Thieu Truong Xuan was not committed to that.

Thirty years ago, he set up a hospital in Beijing by himself, using only oriental medicine and focusing on the treatment of only one disease, type 2 diabetes.

Most other hospitals in China combine Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine to treat diabetes “said Dr. Thieu, director of the Beijing Changchun Oriental Medicine Hospital. “To my knowledge, we are the only hospital in China that only uses Chinese medicine for healing.”

Western medicine only lowers blood sugar by breaking them down temporarily. This method cannot treat the root cause of the disease occurring in the pancreas. Chinese medicine tries to regenerate the patient’s pancreas“, Dr. Thieu added.

In general, patients who come to my examination will be prescribed oriental medicine. They can stop taking traditional medicines within a month, and they can also quit traditional medicines within half a year..

Although there is some animal scientific evidence that pancreatic damage is indeed likely to be reversed, Western medicine has not recorded any cases of type 2 diabetes fully cured. Some experts believe that Chinese traditional medicine can only help control diabetes, but cannot cure it.

Doctor Thieu Changchun, Director of Changchun Oriental Medicine Hospital, Beijing

In Chinese medicine, the cause of diabetes is attributed to the accumulation of moisture and heat in the body. With a cold sore, the patient feels a bitter taste in the mouth, dry and sore throat, toothache, bad breath and bubbling urine, a strong smell.

The cause of the heat can be from overeating, making the stomach too hot, or getting angry that causes the liver to overheat, or it could also be that anxiety makes the heart too hot.

Dr Thieu said that diabetes has two types, type 1 and type 2. In type 1 diabetes, it attacks pancreatic cells, causing it to stop producing insulin. With type 2 diabetes, the body just doesn’t produce enough insulin, a hormone that helps remove sugar from the bloodstream and into cells.

“Our hospital only treats type 2 diabetes, because type 1 diabetes means the pancreas has been completely damaged. These patients will need insulin injections to sustain life. “said Dr. Thieu.

To cure the pancreas, Chinese medical researchers remove heat and moisture in a process that takes about six months. In addition to herbal medicines, treatments will include both acupuncture and ionotherapy, in which herbal patches are applied to the skin above the acupuncture point and heated with electric current to increase the likelihood drug absorption.

“NThose with more complications may need more time. In my experience, the longer a patient has diabetes, the faster the ability to recover. Since he has had to take medication and find it uncomfortable for a long time, he will adhere to and exercise many other self-discipline about diet and other health management such as exercise and emotional control.“said Dr. Thieu.

People who have been sick for a short time often do not comply with treatment, because they are not aware of the severity of the problem.

The Chinese doctor claims that traditional medicine has the ability to completely cure diabetes | Live

At Beijing Changchun Oriental Medicine Hospital, diabetics are recommended to stay on the internal pillar treatment for at least 1 week to learn how to eat and take care of themselves.

In addition to genetic factors, people often develop diabetes due to poor diet and emotional control, says Dr. Thieu. “NPeople who have experienced shocks, serious work injuries or car accidents are more likely to get diabetes. ”

“While working in Shanxi, a coal-producing region, I met a diabetic patient after a mining accident. He was trapped underground and faced with his impending death first. Menopausal women are also susceptible to being saved.

Western studies show that the pancreas can actually be regenerated through the right diet. In a 2017 study published in the journal Cell, rats on a diet were able to regenerate their damaged pancreas. Several early laboratory studies on human cell samples have shown a similar potential.

However, some experts say that Chinese medicine’s treatments are unlikely to completely cure diabetes, as Dr. Thieu said.

Zhuge Liang, an endocrinologist at Beijing University People’s Hospital, told medical website Baidu Medical Encyclopaedia that Chinese medicine could not “cure” diabetes.

There is clinical evidence that the use of Chinese drugs can control blood sugar levels of type 2 diabetics and improve diabetes-related symptoms. [Tuy nhiên]”Whether long-term Chinese medicine treatment can reduce the risk of chronic diabetes complications or not needs further study and evaluation.”

The Chinese doctor claims that traditional medicine has the ability to completely cure diabetes | Live

Returning to Beijing’s Changchun Oriental Medicine Hospital, Dr. Thieu said he plans to develop his facility into a general hospital that not only treats diabetes but also its complications.

“Diabetes itself is not scary. The frightening thing is its complications. We want to recruit specialist doctors to run the various departments that serve the treatment and prevention of complications of the disease. diabetes“, he said.

Currently, Dr. Thieu’s hospital has 50 staff but only focuses on treating diabetes as a medical disease. Other faculties that need to be established include dermatology, ophthalmology and cardiology.

Dr. Thieu placed a strong belief in the effects of Chinese traditional medicine, saying that it was becoming more and more prestigious.

Western medicine is looking to bring diabetes into remission. Meanwhile there is a growing international recognition of Chinese medicine in the treatment of diabetes “he said. Dr. Thieu is therefore keen to introduce his therapies to the world.

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