The boss donates high-tech mattresses, firefighters for fear of being monitored from afar

The incident was shared on an online forum in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China by a member nicknamed “Apple Orange Sister”. She said the company’s human resources department is currently overseeing his work through a high-tech mattress.

According to the description of this netizen, in November of last year, the company’s owner made a “new trick”. This boss ordered a lot of mattress and distributed it to each employee. According to the advertisement, this is said to be a smart office device with integrated high technology. The mattress will receive a lot of human body data, such as heart rate and breathing rate or sitting position incorrectly … and the user will be prompted through a mobile phone connection application.

Screenshot of the application of the smart mattress shared by this user.

Initially, both she and her colleagues thought the product was very practical and agreed to use it. But the next day, this person finds out that all information about his working situation will be uploaded to the system and can be viewed by the company’s personnel.

People from the human resources department even came to the place to ask questions: “Why aren’t you at your desk from 10 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. every day? Do you want a paycheck? Watch out for your boss minus bonuses!”

It was also the moment this netizen realized that everyone sitting or doing anything on the smart cushion was reported very clearly to the management department.

“Suddenly I feel like being ripped off at work. Going to work is like going to jail. I feel like being watched and monitored all the time. This experience is really bad. No skipping work or being lazy. But who can guarantee that every minute and every second are seriously working? “, This member shares in the post.

The boss donates high tech mattresses firefighters for fear of being monitored from afar | Internet

Smart cushions are placed on the chairs of every employee in the company.

After the story spread, many people voiced their support and opposition to the company’s way of doing, thinking that this policy was too harsh and not encouraging for employees.

A few moments later, an account named “Hangzhou Hobo Internet of Things” posted a response article, in an attempt to explain the confusion surrounding earlier posts by company employees.

Specifically, the company representative said the above mentioned smart mattress is a new product being developed by the R&D center in the unit, whose main function is to monitor the health of users. On the market, there has not been any form of sales or advertising.

Therefore, the original purpose of allowing employees to use this buffer was to collect additional test data, not to supervise the employee. All collected data will be kept strictly confidential and used only for product research and development / The collected data will not be included in the evaluation, nor will it be used as a basis. to distribute the bonuses.

The company also said that during daily use in the office, the function of reminding “fatigue” and the function of relaxing through interactive games on the system was still highly appreciated by the staff. Therefore, the company hopes that this new technology can change lives, so that people can work better.

The boss donates high tech mattresses firefighters for fear of being monitored from afar | Internet

Toilet timers have caused a stir in Chinese social media. Source: Weibo

However, some netizens still doubt the real purpose behind this product. Because when data is uploaded to the system, it is clear that the management department will know exactly how long personnel are sitting on the desk or are wiggling around or leaving their positions, a form of indirect monitoring. extremely effective. Not long ago, the Weibo social network also surfaced in Kuaishou – the video-sharing social networking company considered Tiktok’s biggest rival in China – when it installed a bathroom timer for Employees use it to limit the maximum use of staff toilets.

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