The biggest player of the year is this: Sitting still without saying anything will result in a penalty being dropped in the head

The past few days, the community League of Legends China was aroused by the news of the two players Leyan Vici Gaming and Shouthwind of Invictus Gaming were also penalized for inappropriate behaviors for fans.

In the case of Shouthwind, this player was “fisted” by some fans for going to Support but eating quite a lot of ADCs both in the tournament and in the solo queue. This guy then responded with unfriendly words, and immediately, both Invictus Gaming and the Organizing Committee LPL issued a penalty for this guy, including:

Internal penalties from IG: Fine 50,000 yuan + Warning attitude.

Penalty from Riot China: Shouthwind 30,000 yuan + IG penalty 20,000 yuan + Ban 1 match from this Support player.

However, if the punishment for Shouthwind is quite understandable, then in the other case of Leyan, the online community falls into a situation of not knowing whether to cry or laugh because of this guy’s disdain, because Perhaps, Leyan was punished for an error he didn’t even make.

Specifically, soon after Leyan turned 18, a Chinese streaming platform to sign the player, and in a recent stream, he was suggested to invite another hot streamer of League of Legends.

It’s not going to be worth talking about, but the problem is that Leyan duo and the other streamer but … not saying anything … Or to put it more understandably, he almost did not interact with the playmate. This has caused the fan community of the other streamer to react, claiming that Leyan is arrogant and arrogant.

The biggest player of the year is this Sitting still without saying anything will result in a penalty being dropped in the head | Esports

Of course, the fans of Leyan did not leave this allegation in check, and they re-talked, turning the stream into a mouth-to-mouth fight with all the words in the market. In this case, Leyan does have a part of the responsibility for letting his fans do it himself, moreover, when playing with the other streamer, Leyan also doesn’t use honorifics (even though the older guy is and both of them were quite close before). So after careful consideration, VG still decided to impose a penalty for the former IG player, including a 1-month salary penalty and stop all streaming activities.

On the LPL Organizing Committee, penalties for Leyan were also imposed, including banning one game, a fine of 30,000 yuan, and VG also fined 20,000 yuan.

In fact, Leyan is not entirely innocent in this situation, and this can be considered as a lifelong lesson for professional players on the issue of streaming behavior, as well as controlling the “aggressiveness” of a fan department.

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