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The best skills to ‘counter’ the Mewtwo legend in Pokemon

Mewtwo is very strong, that’s what everyone knows. But one thing is for sure, few people know, it is its weaknesses. Stay calm and don’t be surprised by the weaknesses of Mewtwo that we are about to explore right below.

1. Struggle Bug

While Mewtwo is a Legendary Pokemon and has a huge advantage over regular Pokemon, there are some weaknesses that players can take advantage of to win the match against Mewtwo. Struggle Bug is one of the few attacks that can damage Mewtwo. This is because Mewtwo is a psychic Pokemon, so its ability to defend against Struggle Bugs is weaker. Remember to upgrade your Bug-type Pokemon to increase their ability to withstand against Mewtwo.

2. Fury Cutter

The best skills to counter the Mewtwo legend in Pokemon | Khám phá

Fury Cutter is another good attack one can use in their battle with Mewtwo. Although it does not deal too much damage, it has a very high accuracy. When started, this attack deals damage of only 10 HP. After each hit, it can increase to a maximum of 160 HP. Scizor will be a good choice if you are wondering about choosing one of the Pokemon, as it is both a Bug-type Pokemon and a Fury Cutte. If properly upgraded, it can withstand several attacks from Mewtwo.

3. X-Scissor

The best skills to counter the Mewtwo legend in Pokemon | Khám phá

X-Scissor is a Bug type attack that deals up to 80 damage and is always 100% accurate. The downside is that if your Pokemon doesn’t have a high enough level then this might be ineffective, as it doesn’t have a secondary stat other than damage and accuracy. There’s another good reason to use Scizor as the legendary metal armor will strengthen the defenses of this Bug-type Pokemon against Mewtwo.

4. Hex

The best skills to counter the Mewtwo legend in Pokemon | Khám phá

Hex is another type of attack that could be useful against Mewtwo. This Ghost attack deals tremendous damage to enemies on the opposite side. Gengar is a must mention Gengar, which is also a good idea when choosing Pokemon to fight Mewtwo. Gengar is strong enough to withstand Mewtwo’s attacks, as long as it is upgraded high enough.

Another reason to choose Gengar is that this Pokemon is proficient in Shadow Ball, another Ghost-type attack. Shadow Ball is 100% accurate and deals 80 HP damage to its opponent, and has a 20% chance to decrease the target’s defense.

5. Crunch

The best skills to counter the Mewtwo legend in Pokemon | Khám phá

It may sound unreasonable to use Crunch to fight a legendary Pokemon, but this idea is more useful than you think. Mewtwo is weaker than Dark-type moves like Crunch, it is one of those moves that can deal massive damage in a short time. Houndoom would be a good suggestion that you should try. Despite not having the highest CP, but still very high among Pokemon, in addition to being able to learn many other useful attacks when fighting Mewtwo.

6. Sucker Punch

The best skills to counter the Mewtwo legend in Pokemon | Khám phá

Sucker Punch is a move you should learn if you want to plan to capture Mewtwo. Its accuracy rate is 100% and it is easy to train for many different types of Pokemon. We also know that Mewtwo often uses Me First to have an advantage in battle, but this attack is not affected by Me First, so Mewtwo cannot copy this attack and use it to attack your Pokemon first. . There are too many advantages for an easy-to-teach universal blow, right?

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