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The best games in 2021 promises to make gamers can not miss

The next generation of gaming consoles is rolling out, promising to break the boundaries of its predecessors and attract the attention of millions of gamers around the world. Developers through this also have an entirely new opportunity to determine what the next generation of machines will stand for – and make adjustments for themselves.

And here are the best games we’ll see in 2021 and beyond.

Everspace 2

At Gamescom 2019, Rockfish Games has revealed that Everspace 2, the sequel to the 2017 indie hit, is on its way, with plans to allow early access in 2020 and full release by 2021.

Everspace 2 promises to be a better, larger scale version of Everspace, although the original version of this game has also approached perfection. In this game, Everspace is a roguelike-inspired race over time, your task is to collect as much loot as possible before being blown away between fights. Everspace 2 is like an RPG. Its universe was not created rigidly, dry but like an open world, encouraging exploration and inquiry. Besides, the highlights in upgrading the pilot’s indexes are also very noticeable in Everspace 2.

Of course, this is not No Man’s Sky or the Outer Wilds. In Everspace 2, making things explode is still your main goal. Draw a large world and a series of beautiful battles. It’s time to bring space shooters back and Everspace 2 will be the game to make that happen.


The best games in 2021 promises to make gamers can not miss | Game Online

Chorus is a quirky adventure game from Summerfall Studios with the goal of bringing music into the game in an unprecedented way. Adventure element tells story mix interactive music section. The publisher made promises about murders, gods, romance, tragedy and … “burn out” with the band. Former writer David Gaider – the father of the cult series Dragon Age – is the lead author of the project, and Chorus promises to be the pinnacle of his vision. The game features RPG elements that help shape the outcome of the story, some interactive music spots and stunning visuals. You can watch it in the game trailer. The game has exceeded its crowdfunding goal and is expected to release Steam by 2021.

Dragon Age 4 – TBD

The best games in 2021 promises to make gamers can not miss | Game Online

Anthem is ready to be the focus of BioWare for a while, but don’t worry that the company will forget its roots when it comes to a Destiny-like shooter. During the 2018 broadcast of The Game Awards, the producer of the favorite role-playing game dropped a bomb: a brief intro with a provocative dialogue, hashtag (“#TheDreadWolfRises”) and confirmed that A new Dragon Age game is being made.

BioWare’s Mark Darrah and Matthew Goldman followed a blog post revealing a few other small details. The next Dragon Age project has been under development for several years and is being done by many people who are responsible for Baldur’s Gate, Jade Empire and previous Dragon Age titles. The game will continue “the rich heritage of colorful, romantic companions and epic companions” known to BioWare and Dragon Age, and the game’s makers will “push the narrative.” BioWare’s story to a whole new level. ”

System Shock

The best games in 2021 promises to make gamers can not miss | Game Online

It would be strange if you say that you’ve never heard of the name System Shock. Glass Technologies’ first-person action adventure is not just the inspiration for big hits like Deus Ex and BioShock. This is the first game to pair the role-playing game mechanism into a first-person shooter. It proved that action games can tell deep and nuanced stories before Half-Life and Metal Gear Solid do the same thing. Everyone should try playing this game.

And the upcoming System Shock remake, is expected to launch on PC in 2021. That’s later than originally expected. In June 2016, Night Dive Studios raised $ 1.3 million on Kickstarter to fund a complete remake of the original Looking Glass game. Over time, everything has changed: the scope of the project increased; financial difficulties, forcing Looking Glass to take a step back and re-evaluate the project.

And they did it. Looking Glass has revived its previous plans for the game, but refocusing makes them spend more time. So, System Shock will come to us a little slower, but it is certainly a successful product.

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