The Batman Effect: This is how you “enhance” yourself through a second personality

How can the world’s top stars maintain their determination and confidence while standing on stage, when fear of failure, shows cling to them every minute? If you bring this question to Beyoncé and Adele, you will get the answer: create a second personality for yourself.

Beyoncé’s other personality is a powerful and fierce role model called “Sasha Fierce”, allowing her to perform with a variety of confidence and thanksgiving. “When I listen to the music, get in my heels, at the exact moment when I would normally get nervous … Sasha Fierce appeared, then the figure, the way I spoke and everything turned different. go”, Beyoncé said in a 2008 interview. Beyoncé kept this personality until 2010, when she felt she was mature enough to leave it behind, in order to avoid psychological dependence on it.

The fiery Sasha Fierce is Beyoncé Knowles.

After a meeting with Beyoncé, Adele followed in the footsteps of her sister and created a new personality for herself. She told Rolling Stone magazine back in 2011 that the personality is called “Sasha Carter”, a combination of Beyoncé’s “Sasha Fierce” personality and famous country music star June Carter. Adele said that this approach helped her get the performances to live in the breakthrough stage of her career.

Although this may not be much different from an artist’s search for a stage name, new research shows that this action can have certain psychological benefits. Carrying a different personality is also a way to “distance yourself – personal distance”, that is to take a step back from your current emotions and see the situation in a state of no emotion. dominant.

Personal separation from ourselves gives us a break to give reasoned thoughts about the situation we are facing.“, Said Rachel White, assistant professor of psychology at Hamilton University. It allows us to steer our lives in the midst of an evil country of anxiety, increase resilience to difficult tasks and give us better self-control.

A way to change your perspective

Ethan Kross, professor of psychology and lecturer at the University of Michigan has been delving into this issue for the past decade. He showed evidence that even if a person’s outlook on life is a little different, they will still have better control over their emotions.

The Batman Effect This is how you enhance yourself through a second personality | Explore

In one experiment, participants were asked, in two different ways, about their personal feelings when faced with difficult events that will happen in the future, such as an important test. The first group of people, those in the group fully immersed in the other situation, are asked to describe how they feel as though they are experiencing the other; the other group had a “far away” perspective, as if they were a gecko standing on the wall observing everything.

The difference between the two groups is evident:

Those who watched the event from afar did not show much concern. Remote observation also increases a sense of confidence, as the second group of testers feel they can actively control the situation and achieve the desired goal.

In other tests, participants were asked to give a short speech in front of a crowd. Before doing this, the research team advised that each person should think of their feelings about this challenge under the third person instead of the first, as if two ways of thinking from two different beings. As with the “personal space” approach, this is also designed to encourage one person to see the situation with an objective point of view.

The Batman Effect This is how you enhance yourself through a second personality | Explore

Looking at problems through a different lens, a different perspective is a great way to deal with problems.

Viewing the situation from the third person helps the person take the challenge to overcome their anxiety, reducing both the emotional effects and real-life measures, like changes in heart rate and blood pressure, which are common. is displayed when a person is faced with an alternate situation. According to the judges who followed the test group’s performance, a sense of confidence appeared in each person’s presentation.

Go for the big goal

Personal spacing seems to help people get positive effects for themselves, by making it easier to see the big picture. This leaves scientists wondering if we can improve our self-control factors, by focusing on a big goal and ignoring the distractions.

Another experiment aimed to track whether puzzle-solving would increase if a participant had previously practiced “personal distance”. In this case, the research team asked participants to give their own advice through talking to themselves under a second person, such as “Now there will be a real focus on each question”, As if they were talking to a friend, not to themselves.

The Batman Effect This is how you enhance yourself through a second personality | Explore

“Now have to be really focused on each question!”.

In addition to increasing puzzle-solving efficiency, this effect also appeared when testing participants’ attitudes when facing the test; The results show that the group giving their own advice will have a stronger determination to improve the output.

By increasing self-control, personal distance can improve a person’s psychological health. It can reinforce their intention to exercise or help them resist the temptation of something unhealthy, like junk sweets. The potential of this approach cannot be underestimated, because, according to Celina Furman, a psychologist at the University of Minnesota, “To date, very few self-control strategies are likely to improve eating habits“.

Working with Ethan Kross, Ms. Furman recently ran an experiment in which the participants were asked to separate themselves when faced with different food choices, for example when comparing fruit to candy. When a participant named Thành asked, “What does Thành want to eat?” instead of wondering “What do I want to eat?”, Thanh will likely choose more nutritious food.

Clearly more in-depth studies are needed to test and verify the long-term benefits of individual stretching, but Furman still positively thinks this is a good way to apply it to a weight loss routine. It can even be cleverly put this method into the weight loss support application on the phone, with the message saying “a third person is mapping out his diet“.

Batman Effect

Child psychologists are interested in the increased willpower acquired by applying the method of personal separation; They believe that self-discipline is as important as IQ when it comes to academic performance.

The Batman Effect This is how you enhance yourself through a second personality | Explore

Why don’t you think I’m Batman to be cool?

A few years ago, the assistant professor of psychology White conducted observations of a group of 6-year-olds when they focused on a computer, with the screen displaying a series of pictures one after another, they had to immediately Press the space button when you see the cheese image. The test itself was not very interesting, but the children were told that “This is a very important activity”, And that they will be of great help in scientific research if they take the practice hard for as long as possible – the purpose is to encourage them to persevere in the task. Within their reach are iPads that contain much more interesting games, with the aim of distracting them from the main job.

Before starting the test, the group of children received the advice that sometimes it helps to think about personal feelings, if the experiment is too boring. Some of the children were advised to ask themselves “Am I trying to work?“, While some other children questioned in another person, that”Is Kim trying to work?“. The third group received the advice that they could choose any character they like, for example, the superheroes they like like Batman, they even have superheroes to Dressed up. When they feel bored, they advise them to ask questions as if they are the character they are wearing, such as “Is Batman trying to work?“.

Researchers suspect that a different personality will be a form of personal distance to the highest degree, and the results suggest that this claim is correct. The total processing time of the “cheese task” that the child thinks of the question in the third person is more than 10% of the total time doing the task of the child thinking in the first person, and the child group has the “superhero personality. “Has the longest working time. The working time of the “superheroes” is 13% more than the third person asking questions.

The Batman Effect This is how you enhance yourself through a second personality | Explore

Research has shown that giving yourself a different personality is equivalent to strengthening yourself.

Researcher White also found that there is another personality that helps children concentrate better when participating in a complex card game, which has constantly changing rules. Once again, the “Batman effect” has a positive effect on the concentration and determination of children.

Although these are just laboratory trials, White hopes that these methods can improve situations where autonomy is needed. After all, the patience test is roughly equivalent to doing children’s homework, where they have to make decisions while surrounded by temptations like TVs or smartphones.

Ms. White thinks this can also be helpful in maintaining a morale when facing a new challenge. “Impersonating a more capable personality and then being able to judge situations from afar can help a person overcome the hopelessness that often occurs when learning something new.“.

In this case, what would Beyoncé do?

Through research results and the general benefits of personal distance, White suspects that we can all enhance our ability to regulate our emotions, to self-control, and to keep our balance through creation. her own “Sasha Fierce”.

If you want to experiment firsthand, Ms. White suggests that you choose different people’s thoughts to perform different tasks, such as a wise family member to handle personal matters, or someone with experience when dealing with a problem in the category of work.

No matter what personality we choose, practicing personal separation can distance us from distracted feelings, and at the same time remind us of what behavior we need to do. Whether it is putting ourselves in the shoes of someone else, some Supreme Being I adore, or even Beyoncé, that little bit of imagination can guide us towards the self we desire. want to become.

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