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The bad news for gamers, the price of AAA games may increase

As the next-generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X game consoles are set to release this holiday season, several AAA quality blockbuster titles have also been announced by game developers. However, before PS5 and Xbox Series X came to users, some unexpected rumors emerged that AAA game developers would raise the game price by $ 10 due to the increased cost of game development that made many gamers feel. bewildered and worried.

Specifically, this rumor appeared when 2K Games suddenly revealed the price that players would pay when buying the NBA 2K21 game (one of the PS5 games) at $ 69.99, which is higher than the normal AAA game price. $ 10 makes many gamers extremely surprised and even react contrary to this price. This has led to rumors that developers will increase the price of their AAA blockbuster titles on the new PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles to $ 70 instead of $ 60 as before, but this is just a rumor. , no developers outside of 2K Games have announced a price of $ 70, as Sony and Microsoft have not confirmed.

The bad news for gamers the price of AAA games may increase | Gaming Gear

Information on the price increase could come from, in which Yoshio Osaki, president and CEO of game research firm IDG Consulting, explained that the prices of titles have not changed since 2006, in when the price of other forms of entertainment, such as watching movies and TV, increased nearly 40%, Netflix subscription price doubled and cable bill on average was 105% more expensive. saki further explained that the price increase could help game developers to offset the production costs of next-generation game consoles, as the production costs of next-generation game consoles could increase by 200. % to 300%.

The bad news for gamers the price of AAA games may increase | Gaming Gear

In other words, when more advanced consoles came out, the cost of producing games also increased to accommodate gaming consoles, while the titles themselves remained the same. This will lead to the AAA game developers unable to offset their profits.

$ 59.99 is the standard for AAA console game prices from 2006 to the present day. If the new $ 69.99 price is applied, this will be the first time the recommended price for AAA titles has increased since the release of the PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2006.

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