The artist made a katana with the ability to slash fire like in Japanese anime

Katana is a unique weapon of Japan and is associated with the image of strong, loyal samurai and always full of fighting spirit. The powerful and super cool design of this sword has made it constantly appear in the series, blockbusters and blockbusters worldwide.

When included in triple-A games or Japanese manga / anime, katanas are often “magicized” and cut into various types of energy with extremely eye-catching effects. This has just helped increase the atmosphere of the katana, creating a sense of excitement, prompting the reader / gamer to continue reading in the series or the game.

The ability to slash out fires that only appeared in Japanese anime is now available in real life.

However, once familiar with such exaggerated images, many people will feel that using this sword in real life is somewhat bland and tasteless, no longer as magnificent as in. other story pages. That’s why artist Kiwamu Miyakubo is determined to create a katana with impressive fire-cutting ability.

Somehow, this guy’s sword burns itself like magic witch Melissandre before the battle with the Night King in Game of Thrones. And then there was a skillful sweep of the blade that created a long and strong line of fire. This video has now attracted 4.1 million views on Twitter.

This direct rotation will show you how powerful and scary Kiwamu’s fire katana is.

The most complete performance of Kiwamu, there were times when the fire was extinguished, but in some way, it exploded violently and created charming curves.

In describing himself on Twitter, Kiwamu wrote: “I am a person who specializes in making flames become more beautiful and attractive”. With his unique project, Kiwamu has shown that what he writes on social media is completely serious, not for fun or virtual life. However, he did not share specifically how he did this utopia, but only performed a few sword dance moves for the people to respect.

If the videos above are still not enough to impress you, then invite you to admire the enchanting blue katana of Kiwamu. Not only changed in color, this time he decided to shoot close-up so that viewers can “look” more closely, while also recording the sparks of fire splitting happily when pulling out the sword. The more we look, the more we wonder 2 things: How did you do it, how come you can hold the sword so long without getting burned?

The fire was not impressive enough, but Kiwamu had the magic blue flame katana.

In order to finish his performance, Kiwamu decided to use this fiery sword in a traditional Japanese room, with lots of flammable materials like wallpaper or reed mats. Of course, to ensure his own safety, he only performed a simple sword-sheathing movement, but he could not comfortably throw it horizontally and vertically like when shooting at the stream. Kiwamu also did not forget to warn the audience that no matter what their eyes, they absolutely should not test at home to prevent the risk of fire.

Standing in a narrow space full of flammable materials, Kiwamu did not dare to swing his sword indiscriminately.

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