The Arena of Truth: The hottest equipment combos in the meta are ‘chanting dance’ in season 4

In The Arena of Truth Season 4 has lots of new champions and new equipment, so there are also many unique equipment combos that make a lot of champions become “meta boss”. Today, we will learn about the popular gameplay and build-ups of season 4:

Shojin Spear + Mage Hat

With both Enlightenment and Mage active plus the ability to reduce enemy magic resist, the enemy team’s health will “drop without brakes” each time they face Morgana.

Like traveling back to season 2, the Mage Hat has become a good equipment for champions with specific skills such as summoning, controlling hard, protecting allies or simply … killing very strong injury. And season 4 too, the combo of Mage Hat and the Spear of Shojin helps many generals to spam skills continuously, giving himself an extremely solid foothold in the meta like Morgana (need more Demon Book), Aphelios, Azir, Zilean, …

Sword of the Holy Spirit + Sword of Death

No matter the season, true damage is always an extremely scary weapon for any carry card. So in season 4, many carry cards have become a lot more dangerous with true damage coming from the Sword of the Divine, activating the Holy Spirit’s passive to inflict powerful true damage. The cards suitable for this combo have many powerful generals such as Kalista (should have more Runaan Archery), Ashe, Kindred, …


Pet Stone Statue + Warmog Blood Armor

The Arena of Truth The hottest equipment combos in the meta are chanting dance in season 4 | Esports

In season 4, the Beast Stone Statue of Thach Giap is a new item that gives the resisting champion a higher resilience when “accept all alone”, because the more enemies attack, the more armor the champion uses and Magical resistance. For that reason, this equipment combo is used effectively with many champions such as Lee Sin, Shen (especially Shen with the ability to provoke and create a shield), Warwick, Garen (temporarily used), …

Thorns Armor + Lightning Crossbow + Fire Cloak

The Arena of Truth The hottest equipment combos in the meta are chanting dance in season 4 | Esports

For matches where round of monsters drop all enemies, many players choose to combine a set of 3 equipment that both defend and inflict great damage, which are Thorns Armor, Lightning Crosses and Fire Cloaks (25% of the health of 1 person nearby enemies also applies Grievous Wounds). This can be said that the equipment combo is quite strong if combined early, can take the series of wins and snowball throughout the match.

And because they are all defensive equipment, you can throw at “temporary” generals like Elise, Tahm Kench, Hecarim, … and then sell them to put on strong resistance generals in the late game. .

Guinsoo’s Rageblade + Lien Thanh Cannon

The Arena of Truth The hottest equipment combos in the meta are chanting dance in season 4 | Esports

The last combo, which is also a fairly familiar way to build up items for many players in season 3. In season 4, this combo is still as effective as before, giving a card capable of attacking super fast at a distance. very far away and safe. In the Season 4 meta, some of the cards that can make use of this equipment combo are Zed, Talon, and Veigar (provided that Veigar has another mana boost).

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