The animals became extinct because of human ignorance

Moa birds

Moa birds are one of the largest birds to ever exist on Earth, they can reach a height of 3.5 meters and weigh more than 250 kg. Moa bird fossils appear in the St. Bart Hans 19 million years ago. For thousands of years, the Moa was the dominant herbivore in New Zealand’s forest ecosystem until the Maori appeared. Around 1300 AD. In just 100 years, the Moa has declined from 58,000 to no more. One of the largest species of eagles in the world, the Hast eagle, suffers a similar fate. Because this giant eagle takes Moa birds for food.

The animals became extinct because of human ignorance | Live

Dexteria floridana is a species of the fairy shrimp family Chirocephalidae. It is endemic to America. It was described by Ralph W. Dexter in 1953 as the species of Eubranchipus.

Dexteria floridana

Living in a pond south of Gainesville, Florida, this is a unique shrimp species, they were discovered by biologists in 1953. However, when researchers came to pond areas where they were Living in 2011, they were surprised to find that this pond was filled. Since then, this unique shrimp has not been found anywhere else, and it has finally been declared extinct.

The animals became extinct because of human ignorance | Live


This is a species of horned tortoise dating from 34 million years ago, they live on the three islands of Vanuatu, Lord Howe and New Caledonia in Australia. This tortoise has a very large size, with a width of up to 60 cm and a body length of 2.5 meters. It is the largest of all known sea turtles. After the Lapitas people came to these islands 3,000 years ago, these giant tortoises went extinct in just about 200 years. In 2010, an Australian team discovered the remains of a horned turtle, with full leg bones, but without a tortoise shell and skull, which meant that Lapitas people hunted horned tortoises and eating only their feet, the same way that modern humans hunt for sharks and only cut their fins and the rest is thrown into the ocean.

The animals became extinct because of human ignorance | Live

Tasmanian Tigers

Also known as thylacine, this animal lived in the Australian grasslands and rainforest of New Guinea four million years ago, then retreated to Tasmania due to human activities. This species was hunted and killed to extinction because people believed it to be pests, hunt sheep and poultry of farmers and is a “demon” that specializes in killing goats, so they hate animals. item and offer a reward for killing them. In fact, thylacine’s jaws are so fragile that they mainly live by hunting small animals like marsupial. The real culprit that killed the farmers’ sheep was the Australian wild dog. In 1936, the last Tasmanian tiger died and the entire species was declared extinct.

The animals became extinct because of human ignorance | Live

Crab Texas

It was discovered in a strangely high salt spring because it was 800 kilometers off the coast in Estelaine, Texas, USA in 1962. However, before biologists published it. In an article describing this crab species, the US Army Corps of Engineers built a dam around the salt stream in 1964, causing the spring’s salinity to rise and kill all living creatures in the salt stream. Only two years after being discovered, this crab species became extinct.

The animals became extinct because of human ignorance | Live

Great anthem

It used to be widely distributed on islands around the Atlantic. people. And this has brought about the catastrophic extinction for the Great Caesar. In addition to hunting large quantities for their meat, eggs, and feathers, large-scale human growth has also resulted in the shrinking habitat of this species which has caused them to decline in numbers. serious. Finally, on July 3, 1844, the last pair of large anthers was killed by humans during incubation, and the entire population went extinct.

The animals became extinct because of human ignorance | Live

Bird Huia

Living in the north of New Zealand, their wings have a beautiful dark blue color. The indigenous Maori chiefs used their black tail feathers with white trim as jewelry. In addition, European colonial women used its feathers as a symbol of social status. Even their tail feathers are sold for very high prices in some places. This resulted in mass hunting and was eventually confirmed extinct in 1907.

The animals became extinct because of human ignorance | Live

Passenger pigeons

This can be considered the most regrettable extinct animal on Earth. They used to be the most common bird species on our planet. The number of this species in North America once reached 5 billion individuals.

The largest flock of birds ever recorded is up to 500 km long and 1.6 km wide and it takes several days for the whole flock to fly over an area. They used to be a species with an extremely prosperous population, after being hunted in large numbers by humans and even cannons were used to hunt them, this bird went extinct only after decades.

The animals became extinct because of human ignorance | Live

Genyornis newtoni

This giant bird living in Australia has a very large bill, they are raptors up to 2.1 m high, weighing 230 kg, their eggs weigh about 1.6 kg. It was this giant egg that brought them catastrophic destruction. According to a 1999 study in Nature Communications, it was speculated that after humans arrived in Australia they stole and cooked large amounts of bird eggs to eat, which led to their extinction. about 30,000 years ago.

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