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The 4 Rat year old streamer has made a name for himself, promising to “explode” strongly in the year

Is it true that the year of the mouse is endowed with something or not when we can see many young people become famous, have a quick success in their career? At a young age, they had a large number of fans who always watched and loved and possessed many things that many people dreamed of. This Year of the Rat year 2020, let us discover which are the “golden faces in the entertainment industry”.

Sparrow Goes Sunny

Nickname Sparrow Goes Sunny perhaps too familiar with the gaming community, especially those who are passionate about the game Empire (AoE) legendary. Nguyen Duc Binh, the real name of streamer The Sparrow Goes to the Sun, born in 1996, was widely known and admired when he was in high school. The games of the Empire on the internet are crowded with players watching and almost praised by the skillful handling of this young gamer.

When becoming a partner of Facebook Gaming, the Sparrows quickly asserted their “hotness” when there were live matches that attracted more than 70,000 views at a time – not much. streamer I can do it. Not only that, Chim Se also shares many perspectives, positive actions (through the Chim non fund) that become the inspiration for many other Vietnamese gamers.

Uyên Pu

It can be said that Uyên Pu is a “beauty flower” in the village League of Legends Vietnam when making a deep impression in the hearts of the Vietnamese gaming community. Playing games or competing in tournaments, she was born in 1996 and brings great experiences to viewers. With a beautiful appearance, skillful manners and multi-talented, Uyen Pu is now one of the top “hot” female streamer in the entertainment industry.

The 4 Rat year old streamer has made a name for himself promising to explode strongly in the year | Mobile & Social

This multi-talented female streamer is also admired by the community for shopping for herself as luxury cars and expensive houses. Besides, she also turns to the business business. Currently, Uyên Pu is trying her best in the field of fitness.

Baby Lemon

As one of the few gamer / streamer Arena of valor The mouse, Baby Lemon, was once known by the Vietnamese gaming community when participating in professional competitions in the color of GameTV – the team that won the domestic championship and the runner-up of the AIC International Mobile Federation.

Lien Quan Mobile is the MOBA game with the largest number of players in Vietnam. So the fact that Baby Lemon streamer has a large number of fans is not inferior is also understandable. Players admired this guy thanks to his skillful jungler that he was recognized as a “god of the jungle”, with the ability to lead and coordinate with his teammates in the game. Although currently, Chanh is unlikely to return to a professional career, but hopefully he will make great strides in Streamer’s work here.

The 4 Rat year old streamer has made a name for himself promising to explode strongly in the year | Mobile & Social

Nhat Hoa Xuka

Her real name is Huynh Nhat Hoa, born in 1996, year of the Rat. Because of her passion for the game League of Legends, she is determined to become a streamer. Currently, Xuka’s personal page has 750,000 followers – a number that is not small for a female streamer.

The 4 Rat year old streamer has made a name for himself promising to explode strongly in the year | Mobile & Social

In addition to spending time playing games, female mouse-streamer is also nicknamed “Emotional expert” by the online community when sharing many issues about love, troubleshooting for many young people who have encountered difficult situations. treat. She also participated in modeling for some brands in Hanoi.

What year of your favorite streamer do you like, leave a comment to share with us.

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