The 4 best generals in the Three Kingdoms: Ton Kien is at the bottom of the table, Quan Vu is only ranked 3rd, so who is the top?

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, people fell into chaos, and vassal forces emerged everywhere. At that time, Cao Cao governed the heavenly god to order the vassals, Liu Bei proclaimed himself descended from Han Dynasty, Sun Quan dominated Jiang Dong, the cauldron position was gradually formed from there.

But in the period of talent emerging everywhere like that time, who was the real owner of the most outstanding military power?

In the view of Qulishi (China), although the Three Kingdoms period, even though there is no shortage of talented generals, the number of people thought to have the best military prowess is only 4 characters below.

Fourth place: Ton Kien

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Ton Kien (154 – 191), himself Van Dai, was the character who laid the foundation for building the Dong Ngo country in the Three Kingdoms period.

At the end of the Han Dynasty, he was one of the famous generals under the court and had participated in the battle against the power of Dong Zhuo.

In the past, Ton Kien’s name was built thanks to countless trophies. In the fight to eradicate the Yellow Scarf, he also made many merits.

When Dong Zhuo rebelled against the government, Ton Kien joined a coalition of vassals in an attempt to overthrow this right.

Among them, the army headed by him is considered to have the most positive expression. This talented general also had many times to defeat the famous generals of the Western Luong Army under the bandit.

Only regret that in the chaotic situation at the time, Ton Kien was unfortunately killed at a young age because he was hit by an arrow in a fight with Luu Bieu.

Third place: Guan Yu

The 4 best generals in the Three Kingdoms Ton Kien is at the bottom of the table Quan Vu is only ranked 3rd so who is the top | Manga/Film

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Guan Yu (159 – 220), himself Van Truong, was a famous general in the late Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms period. He is also known as one of the most important princesses in the establishment of the later Shu Dynasty.

In the past, Guan Yu had joined Liu Bei since the beginning of his career. He led soldiers to fight everywhere, becoming a leading tiger general in Shu Han political group.

When Cao Cao was captured by Cao Cao, Guan Yu once fought in a battle at the White Horse Mountain and killed the general General Nhan Luong of Yuan Shao.

During the war in Xiangfan, he also used a succession to submerge the seven armies of Cao Wei in the water, then lead the marines to capture Vu Cam, slash Bang Duc, the reputation of “the majestic Hoa Ha”.

It can be said that Quan Vu himself, apart from outstanding martial arts and qualities than people, also possesses a rare military ability. Because of his illustrious feats, his name is not something ordinary military leaders can do.

Only regret that Guan Yu lived a lifetime of courage but ended up in a reckless manner to lose Jingzhou and die in regret.

But now whenever assessing the talent of the general of the Quan family, historians still think that he is an outstanding martial arts general, extraordinary courage, prestige leading the whole army.

Second place: Truong Lieu

The 4 best generals in the Three Kingdoms Ton Kien is at the bottom of the table Quan Vu is only ranked 3rd so who is the top | Manga/Film

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Truong Lieu (169 – 222), himself Van Vien, was a Cao Wei general in the Three Kingdoms period. He is also considered one of the best generals of this political group and has participated in many major battles.

During his lifetime, Truong Lieu participated in battles in many battlefields, collected many glorious contributions and played a significant role in helping Cao Cao unify the North.

He used to follow Cao Cao to fight in Shandong, fight against Vien Dam, kill Vien Thuat, Binh Lieu Dong …

Among them, his most outstanding achievement is the illustrious victory against Dong Ngo in the Battle of Hefei.

According to historical records, in 213, Truong Lieu and Nhac Tien and Ly Dien commanded 7000 troops to keep Hefei. Two years later, Ton Quyen Nhan when Cao Cao attacked Truong Lo immediately led ten thousand troops to attack this stronghold.

At that time, Truong Lieu actively recruited 800 suicide soldiers, then volunteered to attack the enemy to lure the enemy to pursue.

Arriving at Tieu Dieu bridge, the Ngo army was ambushed by an ambush. General Truong instructed an additional 2,000 cavalry, which was enough to cause 10,000 Ngo troops to be defeated.

With only a small number of troops in hand, Truong Lieu made the great Ngo Dong army miserable. After that war, his name was so famous that Jiangnan’s people listened to it in awe.

Sun Quan did not dare to dream of stronghold of Hefei ever since – where Truong Lieu was still defending.

First place: Chu Du

The 4 best generals in the Three Kingdoms Ton Kien is at the bottom of the table Quan Vu is only ranked 3rd so who is the top | Manga/Film

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Chu Du (175 – 210), himself from Cong Can, was a famous general and declared the national hero of the Eastern Ngo Dynasty during the Three Kingdoms period.

In the past, when he was 20 years old, he and Ton Sach fought all over Giang Dong, laying a solid foundation for the Ton family to own this land.

After Ton Sach was assassinated, he continued to dominate the army under Sun Quan. At that time, the battles of big and small, which he directly commanded, were mostly won.

The most outstanding achievement in the life of the Zhou ruler is the victory in the battle of Chich Bich.

At that time, Ton – Luu alliance with only 50,000 troops at Chu Du’s hands defeated the great army of approximately 200 thousand Cao Cao.

As one of the biggest battles of the time, the victory of the Red Cliff War created a turning point in history, helping to define the Three Kingdoms area, and also making Zhou Yu’s name a general with The most outstanding military leadership at the time.

Zhou Yu’s military capabilities were so extraordinary that even Liu Bei would have to praise that year:

“Công Cẩn Literary martial arts strategy, is his talent in thousands”.

Unfortunately, only two years later, Zhou Yu suddenly passed away at the age of 36, leaving many regrets for the Dong Ngo political conglomerate when losing an irreplaceable military pillar at the time. that point …

* From the perspective of Qulishi (China)

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