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The 10-year male student carried his friends to school and lacked 0.25 points to enter the Hanoi Medical University, the couple temporarily separated

Yesterday, universities across the country have in turn announced the successful scores according to the method of exam scores for high school graduation in 2020. This year, most branches have fluctuations in the direction of increase compared to the year. last. Admission season appeared fields with towering benchmarks of up to 30 points such as Korean Studies, USSH, VNU Hanoi.

This year’s exam season, the whole country was impressed with the images of close friends Nguyen Tat Minh and Ngo Minh Hieu from Thanh Hoa. Minh Hieu was touched when for the past 10 years, he always carried his friend, unfortunately, with a disability, to school and both had excellent academic records. In the last exam, Hieu took the B grade with a score of 28.15 (Math 9.4; Chemistry 9.75 and Born 9.0) and registered his aspiration to major in General Medicine, Hanoi Medical University. As for Minh, he chose to enroll in block A with a score of 28.1 (Math 9,6; Ly 9,25 and Hoa 9,25) to enter the Information Technology industry, Hanoi University of Technology. Both of you are students with the top scores at Trieu Son 5 High School.

The idea, the dream of going to college together and continuing to go to school together after the 10-year journey will come true, but this year’s benchmark fluctuations make the couple sadly separated. The IT industry that Minh registered had the highest standard score of 26.27 points, his friend was officially admitted to Polytechnic University. And Hanoi Medical University announced Benchmark for General Medicine is 28.9 points, so Hieu only lacks 0.25 correct if adding 0.5 points of priority KV2-NT to pass aspiration 1.

This makes the online community regret for the couple. The friend also proved disappointed because he could not go to Hanoi with a friend who has been with him for 10 years. Exchange with VietnamnetMs. Dinh Thi Thu Thuy, the mother of the male student, said that Hieu was very sad that he did not want to talk to anyone when he knew the benchmarks. From a young age, he had a dream of taking the Hanoi Medical University exam and wanted to become a doctor to treat the poor and Minh’s feet.

The 10 year male student carried his friends to school and lacked 0 25 points to enter the Hanoi Medical University the couple temporarily separated | Game Online

When he was in high school, every day, two boys and girls got up at 4:30 to prepare for school together. The special thing about the couple that has progressed is that during the past 10 years, the two of you have never had an argument. No one told anyone, but both of them agreed to enroll in the same school and class together. Hieu and Minh choose to study at primary and secondary schools and take the same high school exam. During class hours, if Minh has to go to the board to solve the problem, Hieu will carry you and stand there waiting until you finish the homework.

At the beginning of the year, Hieu decided to accompany Minh to study with the university, which would take you by the way. However, this decision was strongly refused by Minh to let Hieu fulfill his childhood dream. Although he could not pass the Hanoi Medical University, his friend still had enough points for the admission to Thai Binh Medical University with a standard score of 27.15 points for General Medicine.

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