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The 1-star storm the day Gojek Vietnam came out: Free water was offered but guests could not book, the software for Vietnamese people was all in English, the default app for Indonesian area code instead of +84 of Vietnam

On the morning of August 5, the Gojek app was officially launched in Vietnam, ending 2 years of operation under the name Go-Viet. To use it, the customer will have to reinstall the application and this is also the time when many problems arise.

To attract users, Gojek runs a free beverage program from 14:00 – 17:00 on August 5. Accordingly, each user can choose only 1 free glass of water (up to VND 30,000), with free shipping (up to VND 34,000).

However, the problem becomes stressful when many customers visit but not enjoy the promotion as claimed by the company. Some customers complained that it was not possible to order the drink more than once, or if it was possible, the driver could not be found. Others only get free shipping instead of free drinks.

“Order 3, 4 times, the driver is busy. When the order is made, the order is more than 1 hour yet, while the shop is only 1km away from the receiving place? Is the driver happy? No call to confirm the customer. Cancel always and I lost my missing code forever Key 1 sentence: No one will give anyone anything for free, everyone “, one customer commented on Gojek Vietnam fanpage.

In response, the Gojek fanpage said that partly due to the unexpected traffic, the app was overloaded, another part was the limited number of promotions, so the program ended earlier than expected.

This is also the reason why many customers straightforwardly give this 1-star app on iOS and Android app stores. Some customers also claimed to straightforwardly delete the app or switch to another competitor’s use.

In addition to the free beverage story mentioned above, the default settings in the application also make many customers unhappy. Accordingly, when logging in with a phone number, Gojek left the default area code 62 for Indonesia or because of pre-set code 84 of Vietnam. Customers who do not notice and enter incorrectly more than 3 times will be blocked from logging in.

Another problem is that even with the correct Vietnamese area code, the application still displays English language, making it difficult for customers who do not understand this language.

English default language on Gojek app.

Despite receiving many 1-star reviews, on the application charts in Vietnam, Gojek still ranks No. 1 in the Apple Store’s “Travel” and “Most Popular Free Apps” as well as “Trending” at Google Play.

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