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Thank God! Microsoft finally has an Office office application that unifies Word, Excel and PowerPoint

For a long time, Microsoft only provided individual Office applications on Android and iOS. If users want to use Word or Excel, they will need to download separate Word and Excel applications instead of using a single set of applications as on the desktop.

Although for many people, this approach seems to be quite appropriate because sometimes they do not want to download applications that they do not use often. However, many users find it quite inconvenient because they do not have the most complete toolkit for personal needs. Not to mention that they will have to update each application every time there is a new update.

And Microsoft clearly understands this. As a result, the company has just released the latest update for the Microsoft Office application. In particular, the company has put all previously released individual applications into one application.

Currently the Microsoft Office application is only released for Android users, but according to the disclosure, this application will soon appear on the iOS platform in the next few weeks.

Thank God Microsoft finally has an Office office application that unifies Word Excel and PowerPoint | ICT News

Update the latest description of the writing application: “Office applications combine Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications. It can harness the unique strengths of the phone to create a simple yet powerful Office experience. Whether for personal use or professional, Office apps are designed to stay with you, helping you get things done on mobile. “

Basically, a Microsoft Office application that combines all office applications will bring many benefits, including Microsoft’s partnership with mobile device manufacturers.

Samsung, for example, used to install Microsoft’s office suite on the Galaxy S series. . Therefore a suite of applications combining all three office applications will certainly be much more convenient and simple.

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