Testing the 5G network of VinaPhone: Speed ​​up to 1Gbps, but supported devices are limited

Recently, the Ministry of Information and Communication officially allowed VNPT Group to test commercial 5G at the 2,600MHz, 3,700-3,800MHz (C-Band) bands. Shortly thereafter, the network operator VinaPhone (under VNPT Group) also announced that it will test 5G broadcasting in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City this December, allowing users the opportunity to experience public new network technology.

Impressive download speed

At the experience event, using 5G equipment provided by VinaPhone, we can achieve average download speeds in the range of 300-500Mbps and up to 1Gbps. According to the representative of VinaPhone, the download speed varies depending on the number of people accessing at the same time.

VinaPhone 5G network for download speeds up to 1Gbps.

One thing that is quite interesting is that the upload speed has a significant difference from the download speed. If the download speed can range from 500Mbps-1Gbps, the maximum upload speed we recorded is only about 50-100Mbps. However, this is also the situation that we have noticed on 5G networks in many other countries around the world. Since the majority of users do not use tasks that require high upload bandwidth, so upload is not a factor that carriers focus on.

Speedtest 5G VinaPhone network.

With fast speed, 5G network can completely replace the fiber-optic internet that is being used in households today. At the event, VinaPhone also demonstrated a 5G router cooperated with Nokia by this carrier, responsible for receiving 5G waves and broadcasting Wi-Fi. This application of the 5G network allows Internet operators to no longer have to pull optical cables to households, making it convenient for both users and carriers in the deployment process. However, devices like these will only become common when 5G is widely available.

Testing the 5G network of VinaPhone Speed up to 1Gbps but supported devices are limited | Internet

Nokia household 5G router.

Currently, the 5G technology that VinaPhone deploy is Sub-6Ghz. Besides the Sub-6Ghz, there is another 5G technology for even more impressive speeds, which is mmWave. Representative of VinaPhone said that mmWave was deployed in the VinaPhone roadmap; However, currently this technology still has many limitations in the ability to penetrate obstacles, so in the first time users will mainly use 5G based on Sub-6Ghz technology.

Supported equipment is limited

Many users will want to experience the 5G network technology of VinaPhone in December next. However, the bad news is that VinaPhone’s 5G network is currently only able to operate on a very small number of devices, of which are not including high-end models of two popular manufacturers in Vietnam are Apple (iPhone) and Samsung.

We have tested to install 5G subscriber SIM provided by VinaPhone into two devices, iPhone 12 Pro Max and Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G. As a result, both machines are unable to connect to the 5G network and only display 4G as usual.

Testing the 5G network of VinaPhone Speed up to 1Gbps but supported devices are limited | Internet

VinaPhone’s experimental 5G network is not yet compatible with Apple and Samsung devices.

According to the representative of VinaPhone, the Government (specifically the Department of Radio Frequencies) and carriers will have to work with smartphone manufacturers to enable these manufacturers to activate compatible bands. That country’s 5G network on the products they sell. This is a process that all Vietnamese carriers have to negotiate and not only VinaPhone. So, although Apple and Samsung devices are not currently compatible with Vietnam’s 5G network, users can be assured that they will be able to use this technology when 5G is officially deployed.

During this trial period, only the following devices are compatible with VinaPhone’s 5G network:


Nokia 8.3 5G

– Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G

– Huawei P40 / P40 Pro

– Oppo Find X2

Testing the 5G network of VinaPhone Speed up to 1Gbps but supported devices are limited | Internet

Some devices are compatible with the experimental 5G network of VinaPhone.

What will users need to do to experience 5G?

To be able to experience VinaPhone’s 5G network, users will need to meet the following conditions:

1. User must be a VinaPhone subscriber and are using the data package. Users only need a 4G SIM to use 5G, no need to change to a 5G SIM.

2. Device must be in the support list above.

3. User must be in the trial 5G area of ​​VinaPhone:

– In Hanoi: Around Hoan Kiem lake area.

– In Ho Chi Minh City: Nguyen Hue Walking Street and downtown Q1.

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