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Tesla car rushed across the middle of a flooded road, it is not clear whether Vinfast electric cars can do the same?

In the past week, in many provinces in central China such as Zhengzhou (Henan), the record heavy rainfall “once in a thousand years” has flooded many roads in this city, submerging a series of vehicles. . Meanwhile, in some areas with milder flooding, it is also extremely difficult to move because all means of transport such as cars are stalled and water-damaged when trying to pass.

However, few people would have thought that the heavy flooding in China would provide an opportunity for electric car drivers… to “express themselves”. Accordingly, netizens in the nation of billions of people are handing over videos of the scene of electric cars rushing through the ice between the four sides of flood water, ignoring the gasoline and oil cars that are “dead” around. around.

Tesla Model 3 car ‘ice’ through flood water

In a 30-second video of the inside of the car’s cockpit posted, the owner of the car calmly drives the car forward at a fairly fast speed, while the water level on the road has risen through the bonnet. . The person sitting next to the driver even took a smartphone to record the scene of the road ahead. Based on the image of the 15-inch touch screen in the video, it can be seen that this is Tesla’s Model 3 electric car.

After watching the video above, many foreign netizens were surprised that Tesla Model 3 can operate smoothly in flooded conditions.

“The cockpit of this car is sealed so water can’t leak in? It’s amazing,” said user Haz Damascus. “If Elon Musk adds a propeller, he will have a boat and a car,” commented user Darmien.

Can any electric vehicle wade through water?

The fact that the Tesla Model 3 or other Tesla models have excellent water resistance and even function as an electric boat has been confirmed for a long time by CEO Elon Musk himself.

Specifically, electric cars like Tesla use a skateboard design with a relatively flat battery pack that is “closed” carefully under the floor of the car. The engine and electronic systems of the car also operate in a completely sealed state, while the car also has no exposed parts for water to penetrate such as the exhaust pipe. The electric vehicle manufacturer from the US also used amphibious vehicles in many previous tests to demonstrate the product’s capabilities.

It must be added that, not only Tesla, some videos and photos shared show that domestic Chinese electric cars such as Weilai, BYD can also easily move on the road during the recent flood. even when the water is already as high as the window glass.

In bad weather, when there is no other choice, electric cars can turn into electric boats.

Notably, some Vietnamese netizens after watching the above clips questioned whether domestically produced electric cars, such as Vinfast’s, could wade in water.

According to some analysis, this is considered possible when most current electric car models are built according to the same structure, with the difference mainly coming from battery technology and charging time. Vinfast’s electric car models are of course not out of this manufacturing trend.

According to some Russian experts, the design and consumer characteristics of Vinfast electric car models such as the VF e34 are considered to be very popular, comparable to electric models such as Nissan Leaf, Renault Zoe , and China’s JAC iEV7S. Most recently, Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong, chairman of Vingroup, also confidently emphasized that Vinfast’s electric car features are no less than Tesla’s.

Tesla car rushed across the middle of a flooded road it is not clear whether Vinfast electric cars can do the same | ICT News

Vinfast’s VF e34 electric car

Thus, if it is possible to meet the strict standards of waterproof and dustproof safety for electronic components, high voltage circuit systems, power batteries (such as IP67 standard) like Tesla, BYD or Xiaomi in China, it’s completely within reach for Vinfast’s electric car models to “cheat” in flooded conditions.

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