Team Secret officially broke up with coach Nixwater, is the internal rumor true?

A few minutes ago, the League of Legends team Team Secret Has officially announced the farewell to the team coach – Mai “Nixwater” Nhat Tan, in the media. The specific post is as follows:

“Today we would like to announce that the coach Secret Nixwater will leave Team Secret.

Nixwater has been an important figure to us from day one, without him the team would not have achieved success or recognition. Nixwater is a warrior and you are always in our hearts, good luck on your new journey, Sensei!

Thanks for your training and time, good luck in the future !. “

Nixwater has been with the position of Coach of Team Secret for 2 years, going through 4 seasons since the team was named FFQ. The peak of this coach’s career was to lead TS (then Lowkey Esports) to win a ticket to the Play-in round of CKTG 2019.

However, entering the 2020 season, this team could no longer maintain a stable performance and received many failures. Whatever VCS could not attend CKTG 2020, but in terms of performance, the two tickets to this tournament also belonged to Team Flash and GAM Esports, while TS even finished out of the top 3. This is a worthwhile step back. for this team, and it seems that a change of staff is essential.

Team Secret officially broke up with coach Nixwater is the internal rumor true | Esports

However, there are many opinions that the main cause leading to the departure of Nixwater was due to internal disagreements, not merely professional issues. During a stream not long ago, Teacher Ba shared that Nixwater had a quarrel with the TS players. And during the final phase of the VCS Summer 2020, the audience also saw KingJ standing on the ban / pick podium of this team, not Nixwater.

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