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Team Lien Quan Mobile No. 1 VN reunites forces that have won the world championship, towards the next national championship

With the achievements of both AWC and AIC championships, in addition to 4 national championships, Team Flash deserves to be the only pride of Arena of valor Vietnam in the international playground. However, the case of their former Director, Mr. Phuong “Top”, had a betting behavior that Team Flash witnessed a huge upheaval in the staffing team: Coach Harvin became the new manager, and the player left. Ta Than lane Bear becomes a coach, the Dragon lane role is assigned to rookie Daim, the jungle position becomes a competition between ADC and Elly.

Team Flash has carefully calculated for the second half of the season with a super official lineup.

But those are changes in the first round of mobile phone group stage. A few hours ago, Team Flash made the whole community Arena of valor Vietnam was surprised to announce the roles of a series of key personnel. Specifically as follows: From the return leg of Mobile Phone Winter 2020, Flash Bear will officially return to the position of competition and FL Harvin will take on the role of coach and manager. Besides, FL.Elly will also return to the position of Solo lane forte. The turn frame is basically as follows:

– DSL: FL. Bad

– DSL: FL. Satisfactory

– Jungle: FL.ADC

– Mid: FL.XB

– ADL: FL.Elly

– ADL: FL.Daim

– Support: FL.ProE

Coach: Harvin

Before, ADC in this livestream shared a lot. Including Team Flash’s calculation for the second half of the season and there will be many changes with new surprises in the second leg.

Team Lien Quan Mobile No 1 VN reunites forces that have won the world championship towards the next national championship | Mobile & Social

ADC is definitely back in the jungle role.

With this announcement, ADC will definitely return to the traditional jungle role and Elly is back in the lane and compete with rookie Daim himself. The return of the Bear also has the ability to push Dat Koi down the bench. But overall, Team Flash’s roster quality is still quite overwhelming compared to the rest. With rookie Daim just joining not long ago, the defending champions AWC and AIC are full of hope towards the 5th consecutive national championship and also the 6th national title (record) for XB and ProE couple.

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