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Teacher Ba applies ‘top mindset’ when playing League of Legends, fans are ‘full of soul’ because Valhein is a bit weird with the support

Teacher Ba, Phan “Baroibeo” Tan Trung, is remembered with a glorious past as a professional League of Legends player and then became a coach for the FFQ team. Later, he gave up that position to focus on his live streaming job on Youtube because he thought that this job was both easy to arrange time and less pressure than a professional esports environment. Since then, the Baroibeo has continued to emerge in the Vietnamese gaming community as one of the most influential Streamer / Youtuber today.

With a great reputation, Seeing Giao Ba participates in promoting quite a few brands.

With great attraction, it is not strange that Seeing Giao Ba continuously becomes the representative character for big brands. Just recently, the image of this former professional League of Legends player suddenly engrossed in mobile games made the community pay attention. Ignoring the brand that this guy participated in promoting, viewers hastily paid attention to the game that Baroibeo tested, which is Lien Quan Mobile – the national game on mobile platforms in Vietnam.

Teacher Ba applies the top-notch mindset when playing League of Legends, fans are devout because Valhein holds a slightly odd plug-in - Photo 2.

Baroibeo tests smartphones with the game Lien Quan Mobile.

Teacher Ba applies a top-notch mindset when playing League of Legends, fans are so full of heart because Valhein holds a somewhat odd add-on - Photo 3.

But the community quickly realized the “One” in Baroibeo’s hand … Exploding.

It is also necessary to repeat a little style of Seeing Giao Ba when he streamed that he often considered his viewers and fans as “students”, And I play the role of instructing how to climb rank, how to play the generals, then of course this guy gradually becomes a “teacher”. But in the advertisement for a smartphone brand name, Teacher Ba has a rather strange “test”: Valhein holds Bounce.

Teacher Ba applied the top-notch mindset when playing League of Legends, fans were so full of heart that Valhein held a somewhat odd add-on - Photo 4.

Teacher Ba has a pretty “funny” handling phase.

Many people have the opinion that “teacher” just played Lien Quan, or simply “teacher” just picked up the smartphone for a while, not too important to experience. In fact, anyone who is attached to the Coalition understands that the auxiliary spells that Valhein is suitable for should be Flash, Express or Smite. Valhein can either lane or Jungle and needs a good cover from his teammates to avoid being caught unjustly. Therefore, the fact that Valhein holds Blast is something quite “funny”.

Quite a few fans rated Teacher Ba as having a pretty “funny” handling phase.

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