Taylor Swift is about to become a “ queen of the market ”: “ Iron Man ” is out of control.

World fans recently felt extremely confusing when Taylor Swift constantly entangled in the luxuriant groves that make people argue. Over the recent noisy incidents, Taylor Swift suddenly became the focus and lay empty-handed.

She was not only blatantly “slanted” by her colleagues on television but was also carried overbearing and selfishly overbearing.

Of course, the public still defends Taylor in the case of her insult, but there is also a part of the public that the singer probably missed the crime with half the entertainment industry so it was all one person to another actively “coffee”.

“Iron Man” Robert Downey Jr. Very strong coffee on talkshow

Joining the show as a temporary MC for the show to promote and promote the new movie, Robert Downey Jr. sparked a wave of strong criticism when “snoring” Taylor Swift is “old carnivorous species”.

Specifically, in a speech about animals, Robert when referring to the spider said the following: “Up to 75% of male spiders will be killed by female spiders and eaten soon after. They will devour.” ex. “This can be seen in another species, Tayloress Swiftess” (Robert’s way of saying about Taylor Swift).

Oh no, she’s really not cool, she’s just writing music about her former love. She is a sweet species. And the animals will “cray cray” (cray cray means crazy, and the phrase “Cray Cray For Hand Tay” is famous in Taylor Swift’s fandom community) “.

Robert was heavily criticized on Twitter. However, turning the past, Robert is not the first time this sarcastic attitude towards Taylor Swift. “Iron Man” used to “sneak” his colleague Tom Hiddleston in the “Loki” period dating with Taylor.

At that time, Tom just joined Instagram, and to welcome his colleague, Robert posted a picture of Tom wearing the “I love TS” shirt (meaning “I love Taylor Swift) along with the message:” Please Join me with T. Stark’s biggest fan on Instagram! “.

Taylor Swift is about to become a queen of the market Iron Man is out of control | Manga/Film

Ekip Taylor Swift “chased” Justin to get the gym?

Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift “from friends turned enemies” from the time Justin dated Selena but was strongly opposed by the owner of the hit “Bad Blood”.

The relationship of the two people is still tense when the scandal with the record company related to Scooter Braun – Justin’s manager was constantly exhorted by Taylor, demanding the right to get back the old works.

Taylor Swift is about to become a queen of the market Iron Man is out of control | Manga/Film

In a latest development, hot Hollywood press reported that Taylor’s team “kicked” Justin Bieber at the gym. The reason is because Taylor has booked a training room at this gym on a scheduled basis, and by then – that day, everyone will have to give up the gym to Taylor.

While Justin is doing the exercises here, the Taylor team arrives and asks Justin to leave. However, Justin’s crew also talked, explaining that letting Justin complete the training time here will leave him.

Taylor Swift is about to become a queen of the market Iron Man is out of control | Manga/Film

Taylor did not know that Justin was here, and Justin did not know that Taylor used this gym. The controversy broke out in every corner of social networks, some people said that Taylor did so as “dictator”, who said that no one was wrong in this mess.

Being male guests “body shaming” in the famous talk show

Obviously “lying on the floor and getting hit”, Taylor Swift continued to be “nicknamed” in an unexpected way. In the show “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, in the part of guessing words by suggesting, describing characteristics, to the phrase “Taylor Swift”, actor Desus described: “She has a long back” with sarcasm round 3 flat.

Worth mentioning, his teammate – Mero was right again. All 3 characters hugged and cheered happily for decoding this keyword, while on social networks, netizens surfaced, criticizing the 3 celebrities who have inappropriate and disdain attitude towards women.

Justin Bieber “parodies” the old clip of Taylor Swift

Add a “bad luck” phase from Justin Bieber. It is known that Taylor Swift had an eye surgery. The singer has long-sightedness, but it is not until now that she has undergone surgery.

Taylor’s mother secretly went back to her “nagging” daughter image because the banana didn’t have a peduncle like a child: “I don’t want this banana”, “I want that one”.

It is worth mentioning, Justin also has a similar clip when breathing his own brain: “This is not the banana I want”, “It has no stem”. Not only Justin, Hailey also “laughed”.

Immediately after the clip was posted, the actions of Justin and Hailey were rated as “khà ©” by the online community, uniting with his wife to mock the voice of “Look What You Made Me Do”.

Chinese MC was taking advantage of body touch

The incident took place on 11/11 – The single ceremony and also the largest shopping occasion of the year for China. Taylor Swift became the only female artist to perform at Alibaba’s event, then had a fanmeeting session with a Chinese fandom.

However, the thought that the fans will have good memories with Taylor in the country of billionaires will continue to happen to her.

The host of the program is Tran Chinh Phi. At the stage, he constantly acted with his hand to touch the female singer, making Cnet angry.

Due to the pressure from the fans, Tran Chinh Phi wrote a long message on Weibo: “I’m extremely sorry to become the focus this way.

Because I wanted to make sure the show went smoothly, and also wanted to interact and protect Taylor Swift, I accidentally happened to improper actions. “Fortunately for him, many netizens have stood exonerated with photographs taken at other angles.

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