Talk about multitool – man’s trusted companion (Part 1)

Knife is one of the most versatile tools ever made and used by man, yet its capabilities are quite limited and often insufficient. In many countries, knives are classified as cold weapons and can be openly traded and carried around without a permit.

A public knife cabinet in Russia. These are no ordinary kitchen knives.

Thus, by historical standards, almost simultaneously with the advent of folding knives, people began to create a number of “combinations” that later, in our time, we called “knives” multitool”, “multitool” or simply multitool.

In the content of this article, we only go to find out interesting information about multitool, not promote buying, selling, exchanging or using multitool for bad purposes.

Talk about multitool man s trusted companion Part 1 | Appliances

Image of a Roman folding multi-function knife. Probably one of the first man-made multitools.

Did you know: Multitool has been used since ancient Roman times?

At first glance, it can be noticed: the multitool can replace many conventional folding knives. This makes sense because there’s no reason to carry around a bunch of separate tools and add a knife – when they can all be combined into a multi-function tool!!!

In fact, this is not entirely true.

The truth is: Anything versatile comes at a cost of reducing the efficiency of each element that makes up that “multi-functionality” when compared to separate dedicated solutions. Using a real knife to cut, peel, … will be more convenient; The screwdriver integrated in the multi-tool is almost always inferior in function to a real screwdriver.

Talk about multitool man s trusted companion Part 1 | Appliances

A multi-purpose knife will be very useful in unexpected repair situations

However, life is not always possible for us to carry with us a “full-size” knife and a huge tool box; while many unexpected problems will be solved in a timely manner with a compact multitool that many people consider “an inseparable thing”.

Multifunction tools can be divided into two categories:

1.Multi-purpose knife – where the blade is the main tool and is supplemented by additional tools;

2.Multi-tool with a design that can be based on any tool, for example a multi-tool with a blade as an auxiliary along with other tools.

Talk about multitool man s trusted companion Part 1 | Appliances

Multi-purpose knife and multi-tool

The line between a multitool and a multitool is quite thin, so in the next section we will use the name “multitool” for ease.

Multitool of the Soviet Union (former) and the Russian Federation today

In the old days, most of the folding knives used by the people of the Soviet Union could be called a multitool.

Of course, except for housewives who often use common kitchen knives when cooking or hunters who need a fixed blade, everyone else loves it. love multi-purpose knives with many uses: going to pick mushrooms, having a picnic, going on a business trip or going to the farm to rest…

Talk about multitool man s trusted companion Part 1 | Appliances

Soviet Multitool

Many people believe that the “coolness” of a multi-purpose knife is largely determined by the number of additional tools that come with it.

The quality of most Soviet-made multitools is very poor.

Usually, we are used to the idea that Soviet-made products are extremely durable, I have been using them for decades, and so on and so on. It is very difficult to change a prejudice until we try high quality products for ourselves. Only then will our worldview change itself.

Talk about multitool man s trusted companion Part 1 | Appliances

The structure of a Soviet multi-purpose travel folding knife includes a knife, fork, spoon and wine corkscrew.

Soviet knives used to seem cool to the older generation and were the dream of many – but now looking back, they are just rickety, distorted, simple structures made of stainless steel. . They are no longer eye-catching, but only reminiscent of nostalgia.

Talk about multitool man s trusted companion Part 1 | Appliances

And this is a modern Chinese product at a very cheap price

On the other hand, it cannot be said that Soviet knives in general and Soviet multi-purpose knives in particular are useless. Both the design and the materials they use are of much better quality than cheap Chinese knives. The Soviet tool industry has produced a huge number of models and variations to satisfy all types of users – from tourists and mushroom pickers to hunters and soldiers, etc

Talk about multitool man s trusted companion Part 1 | Appliances

And here is a German prototype – the HIMMEL World War II functional knife – very expensive.

Multi-purpose knives are also produced in Russia.

Compared to the Soviet era, the quality of Russian multi-purpose knives has improved, but the variety has decreased significantly. It is difficult to say that they are commonly used.

The problem here is not in quality or design, but for Russian manufacturers the multitool is just a secondary product. Bloggers don’t write or talk about them, even in the amateur knife world, not many people talk about the Russian multitool. Although knives are classified as cold weapons and are openly sold in Russia, it is not surprising that even Russians rarely see “homemade” multi-purpose knives appear on the market. Knife store shelves.

Talk about multitool man s trusted companion Part 1 | Appliances

Modern Russian Multitool

The most recent rare interest in multitools in Russia appeared after the military equipment set for Russian soldiers “Ratnik” was supplemented with the multitool 6E6 produced by the company “Saro”. However, this is a very special multi-tool model, and for most ordinary people it is not interesting at all.

Talk about multitool man s trusted companion Part 1 | Appliances

Multitool 6E6 “Saro” of the Russian army

The law of Vietnam considers that the act of carrying a multi-purpose knife can be considered illegal possession, transportation, and use of weapons, and this act can be punished according to the provisions of Point c, Clause 5, Article 10. Decree 167/2013/ND-CP with a fine from 10,000,000 VND to 20,000,000 VND. In addition, violators are also subject to the additional sanction specified in Clause 8, Article 5 of Decree 167/2013/ND-CP, which is confiscation of material evidences.

Welcome to the next part: Victorinox and Leatherman – two brands that dominate the multitool market.

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