Talent is redundant, why is SofM still ‘missing’ in the international media for 4 years?

Worlds 2020 ended with regretful failure of Suning. The LPL community prides itself on what their 3rd seed has done, and along with that, people began to question the fact that SofM “Where was” during the past 4 years? In other words, why is the Vietnamese player not a name that is mentioned much internationally, so SofM’s performance in the first Worlds tournament that he attended caused even more. The world must be so confused and amazed?

Low starting point

SofM came from VCS, an area that wasn’t even the strongest wild-card before the 2016. When it came to Snake Esports, SofM’s team was just an average LPL organization.

Getting very close to the 2016 Worlds ticket gave SofM the title of Rookie of the Year, but that turned out to be a glimmer of light, as the ensuing period saw a gradual regression. SS in terms of collective performance.

Playing for an average team, the fact that SofM did not receive as much attention as the previous Clearlove, Condi, Mlxg or Ning, Tian, ​​Karsa, Kanavi of the golden period that the LPL had was understandable.

Ungainly with titles

The history of esports is only considered to have flourished in the past decade, and most of the teams with a large fan base are those with great achievements.

With Full Louis or Snake Esports (later LNG Esports), having a strong fan base is a luxury, when they are not familiar names to compete for titles. The best achievement that SofM has with SS is only the runner-up of … Demacia Cup 2017 season.

Talent is redundant why is SofM still missing in the international media for 4 years | Esports

Of course, there are loyal fans who are always watching SofM as well as the teams he wears, but before the name Le Quang Duy is announced at the CKTG 2020 stage, it is difficult for “hard fans” This can create the influence as well as spread the name of the idol.

A strong promotion in Suning colors

We have talked too much about SofM in the 2020 tournament, and it must be emphasized that SofM’s shine is in no small part due to the fact that he plays alongside really great teammates. Huanfeng and SwordArt can be disparaged for their Final performance, but let’s not forget how well the duo performed their roles in previous matches.

Bin and Angel are really strong and promising solo laners. But more important is the connection between the 5 members of the team. In LNG, SofM really works well with Flandre, and before that, TANK. The “catching waves” of each other’s gameplay is sometimes not just trying to be successful.

Talent is redundant why is SofM still missing in the international media for 4 years | Esports

The reason SofM chose SN in the 2020 preseason transfer is largely because he has met a lot of players from this team in the solo queue. And it seems that their “sixth sense” has told them that “these guys … belong together”.

However, it took Suning the entire Spring Split to assemble and run his roster. The rapid rise from 11th place LPL Spring to world runner-up is truly a fairy tale, but more importantly, it has created a special media effect in the case of SofM. LPL fans are no stranger to this guy’s “robbery”, but to the international community and media, the way SofM dominates forest resources really gives them exciting experiences. taste.

And when seeing SofM play, many people had to say: “Why did I know this guy until now? I’ve been missing out on this amazing thing for the past four years?”

In a somewhat abstract way, SofM ended up in darkness for the past four years, when his talent had to give way to the shine of other stars. But that was the story of the past, and now, SofM has made the world say her name.

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