Taking the roll of University degrees is arguably the most useless in Europe

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In the future of automation, the rice engine will be disgraced on the labor ladder, and more and more evidence emerge that the value of a degree is less than before. But there’s still good news for you: there are college degrees that are more useless, “leper” than others. Never before has the word “wasted” been so true and sour, and the opportunity to remove the gauze of capital, both in terms of money and time, is not so much when holding these (almost) useless papers .

The editors of the VICE news site from all over Europe selected the most useless certificates, putting them together in an interesting list below.

Degree of monologue comedy from the University of Kent, UK

The reporter’s point of view, Nana Baah

Taking the roll of University degrees is arguably the most useless in Europe | Live

A monologue degree is perfect for those who believe that constantly persuading others to believe their sense of humor, while not breathing out something funny, is the perfect spouse approach. first dating. The University of Kent is the only institution that offers a faculty of this subject, which has been described as “a vibrant form of public theater”.

During the 1-year course, you will learn how to write your own content, while also having the opportunity to perform in front of a crowd of 200 people. Sadly the recruiter – who is looking for a comedian for a performance monologue – doesn’t look at a degree, so it would be worth it if you plan to live for 40 years without making a fortune from comedy!

Degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Belgrade, Serbia

The opinion of reporter Mihailo Tesic

I am sure that many young Serbs love books, wish to study for 3 years at the Faculty of Library and Information Science of the University of Belgrade to learn about the process of the library’s operation. But the reality is, only a few libraries in Serbia still exist, where there is a lack of money to operate and an abundance of staff.

This is because in order to get paid by the library you have to work in the state or have someone you know, because the library is run by the local government. And if you are in a relationship, it doesn’t have to be a degree, right?

Circus Artists Department at Codarts University of the Arts, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Reporter opinion Lisa Lotens

Taking the roll of University degrees is arguably the most useless in Europe | Live

At Codarts, you can specialize in all of the greatest classical circuses, from juggling to walking on strings. But no matter how hard you try, you cannot avoid the harsh truth: the circus industry is dying. Everything is not the same anymore.

Most countries, for example, have banned – or are in the process of passing bans – the use of wildlife in circus performances. So what else to go to the circus to do when we cannot hope to see the tiger escaping its chains, paying back the feud born from the master-slave relationship that tigers have endured for so long? Besides, thanks to increasingly advanced virtual reality game technology, it’s hard to surprise today’s kids – so even if your cousin celebrates his birthday, the chance to juggle at a party very limited.

Degree in Performing Design from Roskilde University, Denmark

The views of reporter Kristian Ejlebæk Nielsen

Imagine a festival event executive, a venture capitalist and a wedding planner meet in a bar, they eat too much, sleep together and come up with the “product”. Combining the DNA of the three of them is sure to go to performance design later on.

Since 2004, Roskilde University has opened a faculty that teaches skills such as “event analysis, development and coordination at festivals or conferences”. Yet, competition in the event industry in Denmark is fierce, and the director / manager position is limited.

In recent years, many people with a Performance Design degree are unemployed after leaving college, which is a large part of the reason why people are talking about cutting this training program fund. For those who are lucky enough to find a job, few are allowed to go to the field, even the job is not related to performance, design or event organization. Does the learning process not help students cope with reality? Or because you don’t need any qualifications to do the event? Or as I summarized in the process of studying performance design, is this degree just a joke nothing more, no less?

Diploma in Pre-Molding at the University of Vienna, Australia

The opinion of reporter Thomas Vorreyer

Taking the roll of University degrees is arguably the most useless in Europe | Live

In the Research Molding course, you will learn about ancient coins made of gold and silver, and learn about modern cash.

To give an example of why this item is useless: open your wallet and bag and see, you may not even see the cash, because this is a new era, you pay for the goods or by card , either by phone or through other payment methods, anything that is not physically present.

Currency is not going to change anytime soon. In fact, when we understand cryptocurrencies – cryptocurrency, bitcoin will probably replace both banks and card payments, as well as when online music services have beaten CDs. So, the Faculty of Minting at the University of Vienna will be much smaller, if not completely gone. So if you are expecting money research to make money for you, wake up and invest in other industries.

Degree of Science and Culture in the Alps from the University of Milan, Italy

Giulia Fornetti’s point of view

With a diversity that spans from soil research to planting and protecting trees, it seems that the norms that make up the science and culture department in the Alps come from an educational cartoon that educates children on the importance of forests. Mountain. Even though a degree from the University of Milan, all classes take place in Edolo – a small town on the slopes of Adamello.

Graduates will work for local organizations, museums, natural parks and protected forest areas; This degree cannot be applied anywhere else! Good luck.

Degree of Peace, Safety and Development from Coimbra University, Portugal

The opinion of reporter Madalena Maltez

Taking the roll of University degrees is arguably the most useless in Europe | Live

Well, the world is hot today and the nuclear war catastrophe is more and more evident, but do you really think you can solve those problems? According to an official announcement from Coimbra University, a Master’s degree will help you dig deeper into (hypothetical) knowledge and peace, security, development and humanitarianism. However, the school did not make it clear what jobs you can apply this degree to. If there was a curriculum on how to build an apocalyptic disaster shelter, I would reconsider its position on the list.

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